Aman Gupta House

Aman Gupta House

The boAt’s co-founder, Aman Gupta, recently rose to fame as a judge in India’s business reality TV show, Shark Tank India. This stirred public interest in the renowned entrepreneur, including his residence, family, and lifestyle.Join us as we capture a glimpse of this dynamic entrepreneur, Aman Gupta’s house and life.

At a Glance: Aman Gupta’s Journey

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Before we delve into the luxurious realm of Aman Gupta’s house, let us take a moment to understand his professional journey. 

Born in 1982 to Neeraj Gupta and Jyoti Kochhar Gupta, Aman Gupta grew up in Delhi. He graduated in commerce from Delhi University and later completed Chartered Accountancy in 2002. After kickstarting his career as an Assistant Manager at Citi Bank, he worked there for two years until 2005. Following his passion for music, Aman founded Advance Telemedia with his father, which brought global brands like Sennheiser and Beats Audio to India. This success resulted in him working with KPMG as a strategic consultant for a year. 

After completing an MBA in Finance and Strategy from ISB, Aman Gupta worked as the Director of Sales for audio giant Harman. Aman, the Marketing Director of boAt, co-founded the company in January 2016. BoAt is an organisation that offers the greatest elements of earphones, remote speakers, and headphones in a contemporary plan.

After appearing as a judge and shark investor in Sony India’s reality show Shark Tank, Aman became famous, more like a celebrity. Last year, he invested approximately Rs 6.7 crores in business and emerged as a significant player in the entrepreneurial scene. According to the latest reports, his net worth has increased as he continues investing in startups.

Now that we know about Aman’s entrepreneurial journey, let us tour his opulent residence.

Reflection of Accomplishments: Aman Gupta’s Dwelling

A sneak peek into the residence of this popular Shark Tank India Judge reveals more than a dwelling place. Aman Gupta’s house boasts a fusion of opulence and modernity, reflecting his accomplishments. Fans catch a glimpse of the walls of his home through his social media handle, where he shares snapshots of quality time spent with his wife, Priya Daggar, and their children, Mia Gupta and Adaa Gupta. This act also consolidates his reputation as a devoted married man and a successful businessman.

Address and Cost of Aman Gupta’s House

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Although the exact address of Aman Gupta’s house is not known, he is spotted in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. He resides in a two-storey bungalow with his wife, Priya Daggar, and their two daughters. Aman’s house is the definition of a minimalistic design featuring earthy tones. Media reports suggest that the house is estimated to cost around Rs 8 crores to Rs 15 crores.

Tasteful Interiors: Aman Gupta’s House Interior Design

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The interiors of Aman Gupta’s house are meticulously curated with a keen eye for details, reflecting his refined taste for interior designs. Each of the rooms in the house is crafted carefully to bring a balance between functionality and luxury. Moreover, the home boasts select artwork and combines it with a sense of harmony. The interior of Aman’s home offers a haven with seamlessly tailored combination of fusion of comfort, sophistication and relaxation.

Deluxe Living Room of Aman Gupta’s House

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The living room in Aman Gupta’s house speaks voluminous sophistication. This opulent room features beige Italian tiles and white walls. The wooden false ceiling and built-in light fixtures perfect its fusion of minimalistic and contemporary ambience. A six-seater grey sofa accompanied by a coffee-coloured table adds to the room’s charm. The large windows offer an enchanting view of the lush greenery, adding a welcoming character next to the main entrance.

Relaxing Space: Aman Gupta’s House Bedroom

The bedroom of Aman Gupta’s house is more than a place to fall into a deep slumber. It is a space efficiently curated to offer a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Each room is decorated with aesthetic furniture combined with calming colour schemes. The bedding, plush carpets and other accessories are carefully curated to add a touch of luxury to the relaxing space. The room screams elegance, adorned with its visual appeal and high-end accessories.

Other House and Properties Owned by Aman Gupta


Aman Gupta, the co-founder of boAt, is said to own a property in the posh area of The Camelias in Gurugram. The dynamic businessman’s taste in cars is reflected in his collection. His latest addition is the BMWX1, which costs around Rs. 40 lakhs and accelerates to 100 kmph in 8.5 seconds. He is also said to own the BMW 7 series valued at approximately Rs 1.42 crores, which comes with a high-resolution theatre screen in the rear seat.

Net Worth of Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta’s impressive net worth is enough to leave people astounded. As the head of boAt, he earns an annual salary of Rs. 42 crore. However, this salary is only a small fraction of his fortune, estimated to be around Rs. 720 crore. No wonder this man can afford to indulge in an expensive lifestyle.

Trending Now: Latest News about Aman Gupta

The latest news around Aman Gupta is his investment in a start-up focused on reducing carbon footprints. Aman also expressed his satisfaction upon investing in this sustainable startup, mentioning that his wife, Priya, would be happy with this step and highlighting Priya’s concern and involvement with environmental issues. 

Wrapping Up

Aman Gupta’s house is the epitome of sophistication and contemporary design. Its impressive modern architecture and aesthetic interiors reflect Aman’s taste and love for seamless elegance and a hint of modernity, resulting in a marvellous space that offers a comfortable dwelling.

What is Aman Gupta’s house address?

Although Aman Gupta’s exact address is unknown, he was spotted around Malviya Nagar in South Delhi.

Where does the celeb own property?

Aman Gupta’s house is in South Delhi. Sources say that the celebrity bought a property at Camelia in Gurugram.

How many people live in Aman Gupta’s house?

Aman Gupta resides in a beautiful bungalow in South Delhi with his wife, Priya Dagar, and their two daughters, Adaa and Mia.

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