Smart City Bareilly: Mission, Objective, Projects & Current Status

Bareilly Smart City

In 2015, the Indian government started the Smart City Mission to promote equitable development and sustainable growth in all cities. Several Smart Cities have already been founded under the Smart City Mission, and the number continues to expand.

Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, is one of India’s largest northern urban agglomerations. The city is referred to as Bans-Bareilly. Bareilly is renowned for its fashion illustration, ‘Zari Zardozi’ works, handicrafts such as bamboo, Surma manufacture, Manjha patang works, etc. Smart City Bareilly’s primary goal is to build the city by integrating rapid modernisation and indigenous cultural heritage. It has become a hallmark of the power generation industry, attracting many investors. It is developing infrastructure to create a revolutionary area where people can settle for personal and commercial reasons rather than invest. Additionally, the land has emerged as an investor hotspot with significant social and urban expansion potential. 

These qualities have qualified the city for inclusion in the Ministry of Urban Development’s Smart Cities Mission, which includes one hundred cities. As a result, the Bareilly Municipal Corporation eagerly anticipates the fourth part of the challenge, which will involve strategising and developing the Smart City Bareilly proposal. Moreover, common residents have been requested to contribute vital thoughts and suggestions for the Bareilly blueprint design through the Bareilly Smart City webpage. It will be built around umbrellas of support, exceptional infrastructure, technology education, and urban development. 

Objectives of Bareilly Smart City

Some of the primary aims of Smart City Bareilly are listed below:-

  • Integrating the city with the Smart City Mission’s main objective is to improve the lives of its residents. 
  • Smart City Bareilly aims to expand the city by focusing on sustainability and economic progress.
  • To make the surroundings more livable by providing necessary facilities and services.
  • To boost the city’s overall mobility, commuting, and infrastructure, which will enhance its standard of living for its residents.

Bareilly Smart City Projects

The Smart City Mission proposes projects that collectively integrate all amenities and assets for benefit. The projects in Bareilly’s Smart City are divided into three categories: completed, in process, and those whose contract has been requested or approved. The table below provides detailed information about the projects, their status, etc. 

Completed Projects: 

Project Name Description Year Status
Musical Fountain at Gandhi UdhyanA musical fountain system has been set up at Gandhi Udhyan to make the surroundings more engaging. It would appeal to children and adults, creating a welcoming and pleasant mood throughout the park.2020 -2020
Smart Classes (Phase I & II)To improve the quality of education and school infrastructure in government institutions.2020 – 2021 
Solar TreeSolar Trees will include benches below the trees for relaxing. Moreover, they will also offer charging points for mobile phones and laptops.2020 – 2021
Open Gym in various parksThe City offers open gym parks for its residents. 2019 – 2021
She LoungeTo provide security and safety for women and girls. 2021 – 2022
Incubation Centre & Auditorium at GIC, BareillyInstallation of a 400-seat auditorium, an incubation centre with a restaurant, and 120-car underground parking. Meeting room, training centre, conference room, VIP lounge, artist’s room, etc. 2021 – 2023
Renovation of Maulana Azad Inter CollegeTo add smart classes in the school and assist students with upgraded infrastructure.2021 – 2023
RifleClubIt consists of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, multipurpose halls, and a VIP Lounge to provide facilities for its residents. 2021 – 2022
Major road Phase 1(5.62 Km)A slight improvement has been made to the road, adding lights, drainage systems, signages and a vertical garden2021 – 2023
SCH & Pond Complex External Development at BareillyThe pond and surrounding area have the potential to become an engaged social venue for fostering community while also drawing visitors and citizens, which the Sanjay Community Hall could accommodate with space for huge meetings and luxurious dining.2021 – 2021

source – bareillysmartcity[dot]in

Ongoing Projects:

Project Name Description Year Status
Skywalk in BareillyThe skywalk at Patel Chowk aims to revitalise and improve Bareilly City. 2022 – 2023
Indoor Sports FacilityAn indoor sports facility has been installed for its residents to encourage physical activities among children, youngsters and senior citizens. 2021 – 2023
Redevelopment of Urban Haat to Bareilly Haat with Handicraft CentreBareilly haat would create the atmosphere of a typical urban haat for Bareilly artists and inhabitants. Moreover, Bareilly haat offers a platform for local craftsmen to showcase and sell cultural and handcrafted goods from the Bareilly district.2021 – 2023
3D Wall Painting3D mural painting is a unique creative expression that converts flat walls into realistic, lifelike realms. These elaborate paintings create illusory effects that appear to burst off the surface, captivating spectators with dimensions and depth.2023 – 2023
Nagar Nigam Building External DevelopmentThe building complex includes advanced features such as installation, equipment, testing, commissioning, entry and exit gates, and the guard room.2022 – 2023
Rifle Club Interior WorkThe project aims to create a functional, safe, and pleasant atmosphere for shooting sports lovers. The design often uses soundproofing materials to reduce noise and create a peaceful environment.

2023 – 2023

source – bareillysmartcity[dot]in

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Bareilly Smart City Map

The concept of a ‘Smart City’ is contingent on a wide range of factors. It entails enhancing health care, keeping a clean environment, meeting transportation expectations, and examining the city. As a result, there are different approaches to conceptualising the Smart City Bareilly strategy. Besides, the five factors that must be included to make the city more attractive are contemporary infrastructure growth, affordable amenities, technology and advancement, creative techniques to preserve a sanitary environment, and other necessities for residents. The first stage is to design a map of Smart City Bareilly that emphasises the city’s most important sectors.

The map below shows all of the Smart City Bareilly initiatives.

Bareilly Smart City map

source – mapsofindia[dot]com

Bareilly Smart City: Citizen Services

The most common citizen services developed under Smart City Bareilly closely adhere to the digital India objective and simplify things. The services include online bill payment, birth and death certificates, e-governance, and more. Besides, they are also able to access numerous citizen services, such as – 

  • Citizens can obtain full details about the Bareilly Municipal Corporation. They can learn about the city’s historical events, goals, departments, upcoming events, etc.
  • Helpline numbers for 24-hour medical emergency facilities such as civic hospitals, healthcare centres, and mortuary facilities.
  • The portal provides information about elementary schools, medical colleges, leisure centres, parks, libraries, and swimming pools.
  • Citizens can access a list of Aadhar centres in various parts of Bareilly.
  • Real-time updates and news on public transport services in various parts of Bareilly.


Bareilly was included in the smart city list, which will undoubtedly improve services for its residents. Bareilly’s mission clearly states that the government is pursuing development measures in collaboration with competent controlling and administrative organisations. This will improve the city’s infrastructure and guide it towards equitable growth. Furthermore, the citizen services provided by the smart city Bareilly portal would promote transparency and situational consciousness in Bareilly.

FAQ’s about Bareilly Smart City

Q1. Is Bareilly on the Smart City list?

Bareilly was named one of India’s 89th smart cities in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs’ Smart Cities Mission.

Q2. Is Bareilly a Metro City?

Bareilly is Uttar Pradesh’s major city, ranked 89th smart city in India. With plenty of modern services and facilities, the city provides people with a sustainable and enjoyable experience in a metropolitan environment.

Q3. What is the cost of living in Bareilly?

Location and lifestyle preferences considerably impact the overall cost of living. In contrast to other cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, Bareilly offers lower living costs. Bareilly is among the country’s safest, least expensive, and most affluent.

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