Smart City Bhagalpur: Mission, Objective, Projects & Current Status

Bhagalpur Smart City

Bhagalpur is the third most populous city in Bihar. Historically known as Champa Nagri, it is situated on the southern bank of the River Ganges and is the administrative centre for the Bhagalpur district. Often referred to as the Silk City, it plays a pivotal role in India’s silk production and export. Smart City Bhagalpur has been earmarked for development under the Smart Cities Mission initiated by the Government of India. Bhagalpur is renowned for hosting the largest Manasa Puja and one of the grandest Kali Puja processions, showcasing the vibrant cultural traditions of the region.

Bhagalpur Smart City

Smart City Bhagalpur is a key initiative under the Indian Government’s Smart City Mission. Its goal is to transform Bhagalpur into a technologically advanced and sustainable urban centre while preserving the city’s rich cultural legacy. The project leverages innovative and strategic solutions by Bhagalpur Smart City Limited to upgrade its infrastructure and elevate the standard of living for its residents.

The project was officially launched as part of the Smart City Mission, and it includes two main focus areas:

  • Area-Based Development: Rs. 1106.7 crores, investment is aimed at revitalising urban areas, improving public amenities, and strengthening the local economy.
  • Pan City Solutions: Rs. 202.6 crores on implementing city-wide smart solutions that enhance the efficiency of urban services and the city’s overall governance.

Parallel to the 100 smart city projects overseen by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Bhagalpur Smart City aims to encourage urban regeneration and introduce smart technologies to refine the services provided by the city. Bhagalpur Smart City Limited, established to oversee this ambitious project, operates under the guidance of a dedicated board of directors and the Urban Development Department.

Bhagalpur Smart City Objectives

The Smart City Bhagalpur mission is dedicated to revitalising the urban landscape and fostering sustainable development through modernised infrastructure and communication networks. The central goal of this initiative is to establish a well-designed infrastructure for Information Technology and other vital improvements for the community. It also aims to provide advanced technological services, such as data centres in the city.

Here are some of the themes of development for the Bhagalpur Smart City mission:

  • Urban Mobility and Infrastructure: Developing smart road networks and off-street surface parking.
  • E-Governance and Citizen Services: Implementing an Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) and modernisation of municipal services.
  • Cultural Heritage and Tourism: Promoting Bhagalpur as a premier silk production centre and hub for agricultural produce.
  • Education and Health: Upgrading educational and health facilities.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Initiatives for a cleaner and more sustainable environment, including solid waste management.
  • Inclusive Development: Ensuring that the smart city benefits all sections of society, including the disadvantaged.
  • Safety and Security: Improving the safety and security of citizens, especially women, children, and the elderly.
  • City Beautification: Projects aimed at city beautification and urban art to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Bhagalpur.

Features of Bhagalpur Smart City

Smart City Bhagalpur, like its counterparts under the Ministry of Urban Development’s Smart City Mission, embodies a complete development strategy with the following features:

  • Expanding housing opportunities for all citizens.
  • Promoting flexibility in land use for efficient urban planning.
  • Promoting land usage for mixed purposes to enhance land efficiency.
  • Creating new open spaces and recreational areas.
  • Reducing pollution and congestion, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Stimulating the local economy.
  • Improving road networks for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians and promoting public transportation
  • Boosting businesses and economic development for local shops and enterprises.
  • Providing cost-effective and community-oriented administration.
  • Offering online municipal services and encouraging citizen engagement through e-groups.
  • Implementing area-based developments to prevent damage and improve resilience.

Benefits of Smart City Bhagalpur

The Smart City Bhagalpur mission has significantly transformed the lives of its residents by offering real-time solutions and services that are both efficient and cost-effective. The initiative has made municipal services more accessible, eliminating the need for long queues and extensive paperwork. Through the online portal, residents have one-stop access to a wide range of city services and information.

The mission has also been pivotal in developing key areas and preserving cultural heritage sites. Notable developments include:

  • Riverfront Development: Developing the Ganga riverfront, providing recreational spaces and promoting tourism.
  • Urban Renewal: Revitalising the old town area and preserving heritage while introducing modern amenities.
  • Solid Waste Management: Implementing integrated solid waste management systems for a cleaner city.
  • Information Technology: Promoting IT hubs to boost the local economy and support technological advancements.
  • Local Economy Support: Assisting local shops and businesses through infrastructure improvements and smart solutions.

Ongoing and future projects under the Smart City Bhagalpur mission are expected to improve citizens’ quality of life, focusing on inclusivity, sustainability, and economic growth. 

Bhagalpur Smart City Projects

Completed Projects of Bhagalpur Smart City

StateCityProject NameSectorImpactImplementing AgencyProject Cost 
BiharBhagalpurSandy’s CompoundDevelopment of Open Space Created a green, open space for public recreation and community events.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited   44.60
BiharBhagalpurModernisation of School School ModernisationImproved educational facilities and learning environments for students.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  6.20 Cr
BiharBhagalpurStreet Vending ZoneConstruction of AmenitiesOrganised vending spaces for local businesses, reducing congestion.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  4.33 Cr
BiharBhagalpurInstallation of High Mast LightsIllumination of Roads Enhanced road safety and visibility during nighttime.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  3.55 Cr
BiharBhagalpurConstruction of Transfer StationConstruction of Shade with two platforms for portable compactorStreamlined waste management and recycling processes.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  0.24 Cr
BiharBhagalpurDevelopment of Mushahari GhatImmersion pond designed for Murti Visarjan, with a Pump House, Toilet Block, and Changing RoomsProvided a designated area for cultural practices and improved public amenities.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  1.68 Cr
BiharBhagalpurOff-Street Surface ParkingParking SpaceAlleviated parking issues and facilitated better traffic management.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  0.46 Cr
BiharBhagalpurNight ShelterConstruction of Night ShelterOffered safe and secure lodging for the homeless and travellers.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  4.83 Cr
BiharBhagalpurOn-Grid Roof Top SolarRoof Top SolarPromoted renewable energy use and reduced electricity costs.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited 1.41 Cr
BiharBhagalpurConstruction of Town HallConstruction of amenitiesCreated a multipurpose public space for events and administrative functions.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited 36.09 Cr
BiharBhagalpurDevelopment of Public Recreational Space at JogsarRiver Front DevelopmentBeautified the riverfront area, promoting tourism and leisure activities.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited 7.52 Cr
BiharBhagalpurIntegrated Command and Control CentreDevelopment of Command & Control CentreCentralised city management for efficient governance and service delivery.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited 234.71 Cr
BiharBhagalpurIntegrated Command and Control Centre BuildingDevelopment of Command & Control CentreHoused the technology and staff needed for city-wide management and coordination.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited31.59 Cr
BiharBhagalpurSmart Road NetworkRoad DevelopmentUpgraded road infrastructure for improved connectivity and mobilityBhagalpur Smart City Limited299.30 Cr
BiharBhagalpurSmart ToiletConstruction of AmenitiesProvided accessible and hygienic public sanitation facilities.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited3.63 Cr

source – bhagalpursmartcity[dot]co[dot]in

Work In Progress Projects of Bhagalpur Smart City

StateCityProject NameSectorImpactImplementing AgencyProject Cost 
BiharBhagalpurAutomated Multilevel Car Parking SystemConstruction of amenitiesImprove traffic flow and reduce congestion by providing efficient parking solutions.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited   9.54 Cr
BiharBhagalpurPeripheral Development of AirportDevelopment of AirportImprove connectivity and facilitate economic growth around the airport area.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  14.10 Cr
BiharBhagalpurRejuvenation of Bhairva TalabRiver Side DevelopmentCreate a recreational space with environmental benefits, promoting biodiversity.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited  40.42 Cr
BiharBhagalpurBeautification of Barari GhatRiver Side DevelopmentTransform the ghat into a scenic spot, boosting tourism and local commerce.Bhagalpur Smart City Limited 169.25 Cr

source – bhagalpursmartcity[dot]co[dot]in

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Bhagalpur Smart City Map

Bhagalpur has evolved through continuous urban development as part of the Smart City Mission. The comprehensive map of Smart City Bhagalpur serves as a guide to the fundamental infrastructure, which is subject to enhancement over time. It showcases all the amenities the local administration offers, including details on public transportation, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and recreational facilities. The map is designed to be user-friendly for both the residents of Bhagalpur and visitors, providing a snapshot of the city’s transformation into a smart urban space.

bhagalpur smart city map

source – mapsofindia

Bhagalpur Smart City: Citizen Services

Bhagalpur Smart City Limited has introduced various civic services and online platforms that simplify daily life for residents and assist visitors with numerous tasks. In line with the objectives of the smart city mission, these services are accessible online. Here are some of the services offered:

  • Weather Updates: Residents can check the weather conditions for the current and upcoming days.
  • Cultural Insights: Learn about Bhagalpur’s culture, particularly its significance as a major silk-producing centre.
  • Tourist Information: Discover tourist attractions and navigate them with the help of guides.
  • Local Facilities: Locate nearby educational institutions, grocery stores, healthcare centres, and shopping malls.
  • Community Services: Book community halls within the city for events and gatherings.
  • Sanitation Monitoring: Keep track of the city’s sanitation efforts and initiatives.
  • Utility Tracking: Monitor your water supply and stay informed about power cut schedules.
  • Certificates and Licenses: Apply for birth and death certificates and various licenses.

Citizens also have the opportunity to voice their concerns through the portal on issues such as:

  • Waste Management: Addressing garbage disposal and recycling processes.
  • Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS): Ensuring the welfare of children.
  • Estate Management: Managing public properties and spaces.
  • Encroachment: Reporting and resolving illegal occupation of land.
  • Street Lighting: Ensuring proper illumination of public areas.
  • Drainage: Maintaining and improving the city’s drainage system.
  • Animal Control: Humanely dealing with stray animals.
  • Healthcare Services: Feedback on hospitals and health centres.
  • Building Regulations: Ensuring compliance with building codes.
  • Construction Oversight: Monitoring ongoing construction projects.
  • Traffic Management: Improving road safety and traffic flow.

Furthermore, Bhagalpur Smart City encourages its citizens to contribute ideas for urban development and to provide feedback on the administration’s initiatives through social media platforms and the official portal.


The Smart City Bhagalpur initiative is a transformative project that aims to revitalise the local economy and upgrade the city’s infrastructure. Guided by a visionary board of directors, the mission is dedicated to providing citizens with a high quality of life by applying smart solutions to urban challenges and developing essential infrastructure. This comprehensive project is plans to reshape Bhagalpur’s landscape, taking it into the future as a metropolitan hub.

FAQ’s about Smart City Bhagalpur

Q1. Is Bhagalpur on the Smart City list?

Yes, Bhagalpur is on the Smart City list. It has been selected under the Government of India’s Smart City Mission. Bhagalpur’s inclusion in this mission reflects its ongoing progress and development in infrastructure, technology, and overall livability. As part of this national initiative, the city is actively implementing various projects to transform into a smart urban centre.

Q2. Why is Bhagalpur called a Smart City?

Bhagalpur Smart City is part of India’s Smart City Mission, which aims to improve urban living through improved infrastructure and services. The initiative focuses on sustainable development, smart solutions, and preserving the city’s cultural heritage.

Q3. Is Bhagalpur a Metro City?

According to the standard definitions, Bhagalpur is not classified as a metro city. It is considered a non-metro city. However, Bhagalpur is a significant urban centre in Bihar and part of the Smart Cities Mission.

Q4. What is the cost of living in Bhagalpur?

The average cost of living in Bhagalpur depends on various factors such as individual lifestyle, choices and location.

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