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The common name for the plot or land maps is Bhu Naksha. Through Bhu Naksha Bihar, the authorities have taken strides toward offering digital versions of maps. The Bhu Naksha application on the web lets users see and download detailed land maps digitally. 

The National Informatics Centre created the Bhu Naksha online application (NIC). The purposes of the Bhu Naksha are to review, alter, download, and digitise land maps. The precise borders of the area in the discussion are shown on maps provided by the Bhu Naksha Bihar.

Features of Bhu Naksha Bihar Web Portal

The Bhu Naksha Bihar website’s key features are listed below.

Quick Registration: The registration process for the Bhu Naksha Bihar internet portal is quick. Users can quickly and easily register on the site by entering their name, phone number, email address, and other information.

Simple Navigation: Users of the Bhu Naksha Bihar internet portal can easily find the needed area. Only the home page contains the main options for checking Bhu Naksha information.

Information in Detail: The Bhu Naksha Bihar internet portal provides information regarding the searched property. Users can quickly and easily examine the plot details, including the name of the plot owner, the plot’s dimensions, its number, its land classification, and more.

Real-time updates: The portal is continuously updated. Users looking for information on their properties can easily find the most recent information about them.

How To View and Examine the Bihar Bhu Naksha?

Residents can access the Bhu Naksha or maps of the land online through the Bhu Naksha Bihar webpage. One can check a couple of websites for this purpose. The first step is to consult the Bihar Bhu Naksha portal to check Bhu Naksha. Use the detailed instructions to verify Bhu Naksha Bihar digitally itself. 

Step 1: Go to on the Bihar Bhu Naksha website.

Step 2: You must fill out the information for the Subdivision, District, Mauza, Circle, Sheet, and Type on the left side of the home page.

Step 3: The map will come up as soon as you complete the above-mentioned information.

Step 4: The information on any plot, including the plot number, owner’s name, address, size, and land classification, will be available. 

Step 5: Select the “LPM” report tab on the left if you want a confirmed plot report in PDF format. The relevant land parcel’s PDF report is shown in another window. 

The report’s fields include district, address, caste, name, Khasra number, land classification, scale map for the plot, details of the area, download date, and others. The Bihar Government’s Department of Revenue and Land Reforms is responsible for issuing it.

How To Log In To The Bhu Naksha Bihar Web Portal?

A user must be logged into the Bhu Naksha Bihar website to access the land maps and Bhu Naksha Bihar online. Follow the instructions above to log into the Bhu Naksha Bihar portal.

Step 1: Visit the Bhu Naksha Bihar website at

Step 2: A login tab is in the top right corner. Select this tab.

Step 3: A new window will open after you click on the tab.

Step 4: Enter the Captcha Code, Username, and Password.

Step 5: Select the “Login” button. The website for Bhulekh Bihar will have you signed in.

Step 6: Select the Reset Password button to change the password. Your password can be changed using the ‘Your ROR’ application.

Bihar Bhu Naksha: Geo-Referenced Online Map 

The Bihar Bhu Naksha portal on the internet makes it simple for individuals to get a georeferenced plot map. Follow these instructions for downloading this georeferenced map:

Step 1: Access the Bihar Bhu Naksha platform. 

Step 2: Complete the left-hand panel’s District, Circle, Subdivision, Mauza, Sheet, and Type information.

Step 3: At this point, select the “Tree Symbol” on the panel, which is on the left.

Step 4: On the following screen, click on the option for Google Maps.

Step 5: The geo-referenced land plot image will appear on the pc screen once you click the Google Maps icon.

This Google map, which is geo-referenced, will make it easier to comprehend the location and surroundings of the subject property.

Process of Getting Home Delivery Of Revenue Maps in Bihar

The Government of Bihar has started the service to deliver revenue maps at your door other than providing digital access to revenue maps and records of property in Bihar. You may order a local revenue map and deliver it to your home for a small cost.

Before Bihar implemented doorstep distribution of the revenue maps, the procedure took a lot of effort and effort. In addition, fraud risks and the absence of transparency were significant problems. You can get these revenue maps in Bihar by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit the Directorate of Land Records and Survey by entering this link-

Step 2: Select the “Door Step Delivery of Revenue Map” option from the homepage.

Step 3: It will lead you to the website

Step 4: Choose the District, Thana/Municipality, Map Type, Area Type, and Ward or Mauja options here.

Step 5: Use the “Search Map” button. The table that follows will be shown.

Step 6: Click the “View Map” button to see the map.

Step 7: Check the boxes on the front of the map and click “Add to Cart” if you want the map sent right to your door.

Step 8: Visit your cart before filling up all details, including your name, address, phone number, and, most importantly, the pin code.

Step 9: Select the button for Checkout for the completion of the process of payment. The order will be placed once the payment is received.

Within a few days, the requested revenue map should be supplied to the address specified. 

Search Bhu Naksha in Bihar through Plot Number

The plot number can be used in the Bhu Naksha Bihar to search for a map or Bhu Naksha. Follow the instructions above to use the feature that allows one to search the Bhu Naksha using their plot number.

Step 1: Visit the Bhu Naksha Bihar webpage link, which is

Step 2: You must fill out the information for the Mauza, District, Circle, Subdivision, and Type. 

Step 3: The map of the chosen region will show once you complete the abovementioned fields.

Step 4: After that, the search bar will appear. You can click the search button and input the plot number.

Step 5: The magnified line map of the desired plot will be shown on the screen as soon as you press the search button.

Districts Available in The Bihar Bhu Naksha Web Portal

On the Bhu Naksha Bihar webpage, the Bhu Naksha map and land details are already updated for 11 out of 38 districts. This includes Jehanabad, Begusarai, Lakhisarai, Jamui, Madhepura, Katihar, Sheikhpura, Paschim Champaran, Nalanda, Munger, and Supaul. The others are also getting gradual updates. Drones may be used for mapping other zones, per the government’s plans. 

Bihar Bhu Naksha Contact Details

You may contact the Bihar Revenue Department at if you have questions or notice any errors in the information provided online.

The web application Bhu Naskha Bihar, supported by technology, has greatly aided the digitisation of land records and the digital distribution of intricate land documents. A ground-breaking move toward a reliable, effective, and transparent ecosystem for managing land records is Bihar Bhu Naksha.

Other State wise Bhu Naksha in India

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Jharkhand Bhu Naksha Jharkhand
Maharashtra Bhu Naksha Maharashtra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download Bhu Naksha Bihar?

Procedure to download Bhu Naksha in Bihar step-by-step:

1. Access the website Bhu Naksha and enter the district, circle, mauza, subdivision, etc.

2. You may view both the map report and the ROR report by zooming in on the khasra number.

3. Select “Download”.

How to check Bihar Bhu Naksha by Khasra Number?

Activate your account on the Bhu Naksha website ( Choose the sheet, circle, kind, mauza, district, and subdivision. Click on the khasra number on the map to get information on a specific location.

What is the importance of Bhu Naksha Bihar?

The maps that specify the precise borders of the plot are checked, edited, and digitised using Bhu Naksha. It makes it easier for the buyer to double-check plot information before buying a plot. The gateway can retrieve more information on the plot, such as the owner’s identity, the khasra and khatauni, and the land use type.

Is there any mobile app available to view the Bhu Naksha Bihar?

Although there are numerous mobile apps for Bhu Naksha Bihar accessible on the Apple Store and Google PlayStore, the government did not build any of them.

What is the cost of viewing Bhu Naksha Bihar online?

The Bhu Naksha doorstep delivery symbol on the directorate’s website,, must be clicked to acquire the map. The map of your choice will then need to be ordered and paid for online. For Rs 285, you can purchase a single sheet of a map. Postage and container fees are included in this.

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