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Hot Selling Projects in Chandigarh


Best Sellers in Chandigarh

The latest residential offerings from the best builders in Chandigarh, handpicked by our team of experts just for you and backed by our widely acclaimed transaction and financial services.

SBP City of Dreams

SBP City of Dreams

Mohali Sector 127, Chandigarh
INR 16.27 Lac to 53.89 Lac
  • 8000 units
  • 100 Acres
  • 1 BHK-2 BHK-3 BHK Flats
  • 468 Sq. Ft. to 1550 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
Godrej Eternia

Godrej Eternia

Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh
Price On Request
  • 4.04 Acres
DLF The Valley Gardens

DLF The Valley Gardens

Phase-I Sector 1-19, Chandigarh
INR 3.35 Cr
  • 424 units
  • 34 Acres
  • 4 Beds Ind Floor
  • 3700 Sq. Ft. to 3700 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
World Trade Center Chandigarh

World Trade Center Chandigarh

Aerocity, Chandigarh
INR 39.00 Lac to 82.29 Lac
  • 1500 units
  • 8 Acres
  • Office Space
  • 500 Sq. Ft. to 1055 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
Wave Residency

Wave Residency

Kharar-Banur Road, Chandigarh
Price On Request
  • 255 Acres
  • 2 BHK-3 BHK Flats
  • 1177 Sq. Ft. to 1369 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)

Projects in Chandigarh

Top Localities in Chandigarh

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Real Estate in Chandigarh

Chandigarh’s real estate is soaring, thanks to strategic planning and the increasing opportunities it offers youngsters. Aside from Punjabi residents, the city also offers many opportunities to youths in Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. The adaptation of cosmopolitan culture has made a tremendous change in the landscape of Chandigarh, including Elante mall and IT Park Manimajra.

Also, Chandigarh is one of the most preferred cities in India for real estate investment. It is the city that serves as the capital for two states, Haryana and Punjab, and is the cleanest city in India. Chandigarh's booming tourism and real estate industries make it the ideal investment haven.

In this article, you will learn about the properties in Chandigarh constructed by renowned builders, their price brackets, top localities for properties, and new projects in detail.

Market Size of Real Estate in Chandigarh

The real estate market in Chandigarh has been gradually increasing. The market has become larger in the past eight years and gradually expanded its band. This expansion will help accommodate the city's growing population with chances for better facilitations. Over the years, Chandigarh underwent many modifications to improve people’s lifestyles. The market size of Chandigarh is one of the largest in India.

Chandigarh Property Statistics

The higher rates of real estate in Chandigarh led to the construction of taller commercial and residential buildings.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, the real estate market of Chandigarh faced a downfall which is slowly recovering in 2022. According to the reports of Chandigarh Development Authority, they were able to rake in ₹ 800 crores through the auction of commercial plots in the city. Also, revenues are being generated through the payment of stamp duty and registration fees. The registration fees revenue collected in 2021 – 2022 is ₹ 1,300 crores which were ₹ 800 crores in the previous year, which is a 58% increase in revenue generation.

Property Rates & Price Trends in Chandigarh

The property rates and price trends in Chandigarh keep changing. The current prices and trends for various properties are listed in the table below.

Name of the Locality Buy Rates For Apartments in Chandigarh Buy Rates For Builder Floors in Chandigarh Buy Rates For Villas in Chandigarh
Price range per sq. ft. (in ₹) Average price per sq. ft. (in ₹) Price range per sq. ft. (in ₹) Average price per sq. ft. (in ₹) Price range per sq. ft. (in ₹) Average price per sq. ft. (in ₹)
Mohali Sector 127 ₹ 1,832 to ₹ 24,971 / sq. ft. ₹ 14,745.07 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,465 to ₹ 4,929 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,52.91 / sq. ft.
Dhakoli ₹ 2,222 to ₹ 5,218 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,757 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,133 to ₹ 7,430 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,739.18 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,550 to ₹ 4,929 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,731.13 / sq. ft.
Zirakpur, Punjab ₹ 2,132 to ₹ 5,098 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,880.25 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,974 to ₹ 4,512 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,266.14 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,111 to ₹ 7,389 / sq. ft. ₹ 6,83.33 / sq. ft.
Patiala Road Zirakpur ₹ 2,575 to ₹ 8,250 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,986.54 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,863 to ₹ 4,000 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,787.7 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,111 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,111.11 / sq. ft.
Dera Bassi ₹ 2,195 to ₹ 3,228 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,72.15 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,692 to ₹ 2,967 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,869.52 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,555 to ₹ 4,106 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,372.14 / sq. ft.
Sunny Enclave ₹ 1,618 to ₹ 5,500 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,942.39 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,152 to ₹ 2,695 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,692.84 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,825 to ₹ 3,190 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,190 / sq. ft.
Yadagirigutta ₹ 1,200 to ₹ 6,250 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,545.48 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,135 to ₹ 7,826 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,616.54 / sq. ft.
Lohgarh ₹ 2,165 to ₹ 5,319 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,924.77 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,114 to ₹ 4,680 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,320.95 / sq. ft.
New Chandigarh Mullanpur ₹ 3,352 to ₹ 33,899 / sq. ft. ₹ 6,153.91 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,472 to ₹ 5,769 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,599.72 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,947 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,947.37 / sq. ft.
Mullanpur Garibdass ₹ 3,317 to ₹ 8,306 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,797.95 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,933 to ₹ 6,569 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,492.16 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,808 to ₹ 9,864 / sq. ft. ₹ 9,188.01 / sq. ft.
Kharar Mohali ₹ 1,800 to ₹ 5,919 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,403.02 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,956 to ₹ 4,125 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,869.86 / sq. ft. ₹ 6,361 to ₹ 6,778 / sq. ft. ₹ 6,777.78 / sq. ft.
kharar landran road ₹ 1,986 to ₹ 3,400 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,99.37 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,616 to ₹ 2,812 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,811.76 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,625 to ₹ 5,898 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,910.39 / sq. ft.
New Chandigarh mohali ₹ 3,376 to ₹ 6,834 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,845.33 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,963 to ₹ 6,923 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,677.9 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,354 to ₹ 5,404 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,91.53 / sq. ft.
SEC 115 MOHALI KHARAR LANDRAN ROAD ₹ 1,707 to ₹ 5,400 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,746.11 / sq. ft. ₹ 1,993 to ₹ 5,814 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,229.48 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,306 to ₹ 7,200 / sq. ft. ₹ 6,79.01 / sq. ft.
Mullanpur New Chandigarh ₹ 3,390 to ₹ 5,826 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,15.42 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,196 to ₹ 36,846 / sq. ft. ₹ 27,266.63 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,586 to ₹ 5,400 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,400 / sq. ft.
Airport Road ₹ 2,446 to ₹ 7,368 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,621.65 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,524 to ₹ 5,248 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,936.09 / sq. ft. ₹ 6,661 to ₹ 9,126 / sq. ft. ₹ 8,633 / sq. ft.
Zirakpur Gazipur Road ₹ 2,634 to ₹ 3,545 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,519.79 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,445 to ₹ 4,111 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,916.1 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,667 to ₹ 5,679 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,678.9 / sq. ft.
Sector 79 ₹ 5,290 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,290.32 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,556 to ₹ 7,778 / sq. ft. ₹ 7,222.22 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,111 to ₹ 5,642 / sq. ft. ₹ 5,350.4 / sq. ft.
Zirakpur Road ₹ 2,546 to ₹ 4,960 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,663.43 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,674 to ₹ 3,911 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,842.22 / sq. ft. ₹ 7,222 to ₹ 18,333 / sq. ft. ₹ 13,638.89 / sq. ft.
Ambala Highway ₹ 2,377 to ₹ 4,271 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,247.74 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,253 to ₹ 4,035 / sq. ft. ₹ 3,893.57 / sq. ft. ₹ 2,467 to ₹ 5,040 / sq. ft. ₹ 4,182.49 / sq. ft.

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Chandigarh is the first planned urban city of India. Therefore, everything is critically and carefully placed here. Be it the seamless roadway connectivity or state-of-art infrastructure, and you can find everything in Chandigarh. The developers and builders in Chandigarh use quality materials and methods to build infrastructure. Also, all the properties in Chandigarh are carefully planned so that the investors can get the ease of access and the benefits of connectivity. You can find residential and commercial properties in Chandigarh with smooth roadways and telecommunications connections.

Lifestyle in Chandigarh

An opulence lifestyle is offered in Chandigarh, which provides residents with numerous comforts. Also, with time, the city's people are adopting a paced lifestyle. One can find the people of Chandigarh welcoming and warm towards new citizens and help them adopt the way of life. Also, the city has many attractions, making it a good choice to enjoy with family and friends on vacations and leisure time. Also, Chandigarh is the cultural capital of Punjab, with several exhibitions, concerts, and other performances being held every day.

Demographic Stats (By Population)

The demographic statistics of Chandigarh by population have dramatically changed over the years. According to Census 2011, the population of Chandigarh rose to 10.55 lakhs people, who according to Census 2001 was 9.01 lakhs. This population change in the city’s demographic demands more facilities to help them live comfortable life. Also, the population’s literacy rate rose to 86.05% from 81.94% in the 2001 Census. Moreover, the demand has been gradually increasing. The rise in population percentage is huge; therefore, the government has launched several schemes which can help the people of Chandigarh avail a better lifestyle. More details about the demographic statistics of Chandigarh by population are tabulated below.

Specifications Census 2011 Census 2001
Approximate Population 10.55 Lakhs 9.01 Lakh
Actual Population 1,055,450 900,635
Male 580,663 506,938
Female 474,787 393,697
Population Growth 17.19% 40.33%
Percentage of total Population 0.09% 0.09%
Sex Ratio 818 777
Child Sex Ratio 880 845
Density per km2 9,258 7,900
Density per mi2 23,988 20,469
Area in Km2 114 114
Area in mi2 44 44
Total Child Population (0-6 Age) 119,434 115,613
Male Population (0-6 Age) 63,536 62,664
Female Population (0-6 Age) 55,898 52,949
Literacy 86.05 % 81.94 %
Male Literacy 89.99 % 86.14 %
Female Literacy 81.19 % 76.47 %
Total Literate 805,438 643,245
Male Literate 465,346 382,686
Female Literate 340,092 260,559

Real Estate and Construction in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has utilised most of the land parcels available in the city for real estate development. In the coming months, there might be any scope available for further development in this city. The development will likely shift to other parts of Punjab to maintain and meet the demands. The increasing activities in the vicinities of Chandigarh have widened the scope of real estate development.

Real Estate Demand & Opportunities

Chandigarh is one of India’s hottest cities for real estate properties and investments. As a result, the demand for properties in the city is always increasing.

Moreover, by accommodating and increasing its boundaries to Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and other parts of Punjab, the city is on a new level for real estate development. Also, the presence of the best brands like DLF, Emaar, Omaxe, Adani, and others has created many investment and construction opportunities in this city.

Property Types in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a city offering various properties for residential and commercial purposes. Starting from plots to large spaces, one can find the right kind of property that suits their needs. The cost of properties starts from as low as ₹ 5,00 for a residential property in Chandigarh and ₹ 25,000 for a commercial property on rent. The cost of purchasing residential and commercial property in Chandigarh starts with multi lakhs. Below is a list of localities and the price range for residential and commercial properties in which these properties are rented or sold.

Homes and Living Properties in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most preferred cities in India to invest in residential properties. The city offers a range of residential spaces, starting from studio flats, villas, and builder floors in Chandigarh to flats. The cost of purchasing a residential area, like a plot, for construction starts from ₹ 5.4 lakhs. The cost of renting a residential space in Chandigarh starts from ₹ 5,000 for an independent studio flat in Chandigarh.

Moreover, the meticulous planning of the city with strategic construction work makes all the localities or areas where the residents can easily access the basic facilities in their own time. The cost and finishing status are the two major contributors, after area and size, that decide the price of flats for sale and rent in Chandigarh. Where one can find the right residential spaces are sector 33, sector 5, sector 15, Zirakpur, Mullanpur, Lohgarh, and Dhakoli.

Ready to Move Properties in Chandigarh

The ready-to-move-in is one of Chandigarh's most preferred residential spaces. The ready-to-move-in properties in Chandigarh start from the configuration of studio flats and go up to lavish villas. It includes builder floors, independent houses, and more ready-to-move-in properties in Chandigarh. The cost of renting such properties starts from as low as ₹ 5,000 for a studio flat in a separate house. The purchasing costs start from ₹ 13 lakhs for a 1 BHK flat in Chandigarh. The price changes with the property's size, furnishing status, locality, and other factors.

Studio Apartment Properties in Chandigarh

Studio apartments in Chandigarh are offered in various ranges, from affordable to lavish studios. These spaces are small yet convenient for people or two who come to the city to live alone for jobs or studies. The cost of studio apartments on rent in Chandigarh starts from ₹ 5,000 in an independent house. The cost of purchasing studio apartments in Chandigarh starts from ₹ 10 lakhs. The price of studio apartments in Chandigarh increased per the locality, finishing status, floor area, etc.

Villas Properties in Chandigarh

The larger-than-life villas in Chandigarh are a major attraction. With the city's beauty, the villas are the perfect residential space to sip tea or coffee with loved ones and lead a calm life. The configuration of villas in the city starts with 1 BHK and goes up to 6 BHK. The cost of renting a villa in Chandigarh starts from ₹ 12,00 for a 1 BHK space. The cost of purchasing villas in Chandigarh starts from ₹ 33 lakhs for a 1 BHK villa in the city. The villa's price may fluctuate depending upon the market, furnishing status, locality, amenities, and other factors.

Commercial Properties in Chandigarh

The increasing growth of the commerce sector in Chandigarh is another reason for the high demand for commercial properties in Chandigarh. Commercial properties are available in the land, storage, shops, etc. The cost of purchasing starts from ₹ 12 lakhs, and the renting cost starts from ₹ 10,000. The price of commercial property in Chandigarh depends upon the use of the space, floor area, and locality. The top localities where one can find the right commercial properties in Chandigarh are Sector 60, VIP Road, Manimajra, Krishanpura, and Zirakpur.

Mixed Use Properties in Chandigarh

Mixed-use properties in Chandigarh are another major in-demand property segment. The mixed properties are available in industrial areas, such as Ram Darbar Colony and Sector 82, where they get easy access to resources and goods transportation.

Additionally, the cost of these properties goes into lakhs for both renting and purchasing purposes.

Industrial Properties in Chandigarh

Various industrial spaces on rent and for sale are available in Chandigarh. Localities like Mohali sector 82 and Ram Darbar Colony are the top localities where one can find the right industrial space according to the purpose served by the industry. The cost of purchasing industrial properties in Chandigarh starts in the lakhs and can go up to several crores. The cost of renting starts at a few thousand rupees and can increase to lakhs.

Agriculture Properties in Chandigarh

People in Chandigarh rely heavily on agriculture to earn a livelihood. Therefore, Chandigarh's multifold agricultural properties are available for rent and purchase. The cost of these properties is measured in lakhs. Few agricultural properties can be rented and used to grow good plantations. Areas like Khuda Ali Sher, Hennur Bagalur Road, and Zirakpur Batur Road are where one can find the right agricultural land.

Top Localities in Chandigarh for Rent and Sale

A wide array of premium, luxurious, and affordable properties in Chandigarh are available, starting from studio properties to 6 BHK properties. The top locations in Chandigarh where one can find the right properties are listed below.

Top Localities in Chandigarh Configuration of properties Available Starting Renting Price (in ₹) Starting Purchasing Price (in ₹)
Sector 5 1 BHK to 6 BHK Starts from multi thousands Starts from ₹ 25 lakhs
Sector 8 3 BHK to 6 BHK Starts from ₹ 40,000 Starts from ₹ 4.5 crores
Sector 9 1 BHK to 6 BHK Starts from ₹ 1.65 lakhs Starts from ₹ 85 lakhs
Manimajra 1 BHK to 6 BHK Starts from ₹ 9,000 Starts from ₹ 80 lakhs
Mullanpur Studio flat to 6 BHK Starts from ₹ 15,000 Starts from ₹ 42 lakhs
Sector 33 1 BHK to 6 BHK Starts from ₹ 15,000 Starts from ₹ 95 lakhs
Zirakpur Studio flat to 6 BHK Starts from ₹ 8,000 Starts from ₹ 13.9 lakhs

Sector 5

Sector 5 in Chandigarh an affluent locality where most of the premium and luxurious properties are available on rent and for sale. Known as the VIP residential area (home of government officials, like ministers; bureaucrats; businessmen; and other VIPs), it offers lavish properties to achieve that luxurious lifestyle.

The cost of purchasing properties in this area starts from ₹ 24.75 lakhs for a 2 BHK space. The rental cost in this area is too high and starts in thousands or lakhs. The cost is liable to fluctuate depending upon several factors for properties, like the furnishing status, finishing, etc.

Sector 8

It is known as the Mini Las Vegas of Chandigarh, with world-class designs, facilities, and benefits for residents and buyers. It is yet another posh and beautiful area with a wide scope of real estate investment in Chandigarh. Purchasing a flat in Sector 8 costs ₹ 4.5 crores for a 3 BHK home, and the rental costs start from ₹ 40,000 for a 2 BHK flat. The cost of renting and purchasing increases depending on the area, floor plan, finishing status, and ownership.

Sector 9

Chandigarh Sector 9 is another area that offers a posh lifestyle. It is also home to many VIPs that offer elegantly designed properties for investors. The cost of renting properties in this area is quite high, and fewer exist. The configuration of properties in this area starts with 1 BHK and goes up to 6 BHK—the cost of lavish 3 BHK spaces costs ₹ 85 lakhs to purchase. The cost of renting spaces in sector 9 Chandigarh starts from ₹ 1.65 lakhs for a 3 BHK space.


Manimajra offers residential properties in Chandigarh with easy access to all the facilities and a comfortable lifestyle. The configuration of properties available here starts from a small 1 BHK flat and goes up to a large 6 BHK space. It offers affordable properties that aim to accommodate the living needs of all. The cost of renting properties in Manimajra starts from ₹ 9,000 for a 1 BHK flat. Also, the purchasing cost of properties in Manimajra starts from ₹ 80 lakhs for a 3 BHK flat. The cost of the changes is as per the factors like furnishing, area, facilities, etc.


Mullanpur is one of the residential spaces in New Chandigarh. Consisting of 32 villages, this area has many properties in Chandigarh available for rent and sale. This smart and eco-friendly locality of Chandigarh has flat configurations starting from studio spaces to lavish 6 BHK properties. The cost of purchasing properties in Mullanpur, Chandigarh, starts from ₹ 42 lakhs for a 2 BHK space. The cost of renting properties in Mullanpur starts from ₹ 15,000 for a 3 BHK space. The price will change depending on the flat's area, finishing, and other factors.

Sector 33

Considered one of the best residential spaces in Chandigarh, Sector 33 is another area with strategically designed properties. It is also one of Chandigarh's most affordable areas for purchasing or renting properties. The properties in sector 33, Chandigarh, are designed to provide the utmost comfort and luxury to the residents and buyers. The configuration of properties in this area starts with 1 BHK and goes up to 6 BHK. The cost of renting a flat in sector 33 in Chandigarh starts from ₹ 15,000 for a 1 BHK, and the cost of purchasing is ₹ 95 lakhs for a 2 BHK flat in sector 33 Chandigarh.


Residential spaces in Zirakpur in Chandigarh are one of the most preferred areas for purchasing or renting, especially properties in the city. The configuration of properties available in this locality starts with studio properties and goes up to 6 BHK. The cost of purchasing a flat in Zirakpur starts from ₹ 13.9 lakhs for a 1 BHK space. The cost of renting a flat in Zirakpur starts from ₹ 8,000 for a studio flat.

Top Real Estate Builders in Chandigarh

Numerous builders have delivered and continue to deliver strategically built, top-notch real estate projects in Chandigarh.

The renowned builders in Chandigarh, their year of establishment, and their notable projects are mentioned in the list below:

Name of the Builder  Established Since Notable Projects
Sushma Buildtech 2005 Sushma Valencia, Sushma Urban Views, Sushma Infinium
TDI Infrastructure 1997 TDI Connaught Residency, TDI Affordable Homes, TDI Saphhire Homes
Motia Group 2005 Motia Harmony Greens, Motia Blue Ridge, Motia Royal Estate
Ansal API 1967 Ansal API Golf Links, Ansal API Victoria Floors, Ansal API Tulip And Carnation
Omaxe 1989 Omaxe Silver Birch, Omaxe New Chandigarh, Omaxe The Resort
SBP Group 2006 SBP City Of Dreams Zirakpur, SBP North Valley, SBP Homes Gardenia
Manohar Singh 1955 Manohar Singh Venetian Floors, Manohar Singh The Crown, Manohar Singh Palm Residency
NK Sharma Group 2000 NK Savitry Enclave, NK Sharma Savitry Towers, BK Sharma Savitry Greens
ATS 1998 ATS Golf Meadows Villas, ATS Golf Meadows Lifestyle, ATS Casa Espana Villa
Ubber Group 2007 Ubber Garden Enclave, Ubber Palm Meadows, Ubber Mews Gate
Dara Group 2012 Dara The D Homes, Dara Orange Homes, Dara Krishna Homes.
Wave 1999 Wave The Villas, Wave Residency, Wave Gardens
Ireo 2004 Ireo Five River Floors, Ireo Five River Flat, Ireo Five River Villas.
GBP 2012 GBP Athens, GBP Rosewood Estates, GBP Rose Valley Estate.
RKM Housing Group 1990 RKM Springdale Tower II, RKM Sterling Heights, RKM Ishaan Heights.

Projects in Chandigarh: New Projects in Chandigarh

The new projects in Chandigarh are the following:

Projects in Chandigarh: RERA Approved Projects in Chandigarh by Government

Most of the projects in Chandigarh are RERA-approved projects by the Government. RERA is an authoritative body that refers to the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, established under the Real Estate Act of 2016. The RERA-approved projects include both upcoming and ongoing real estate projects. The builders and developers must register these projects under RERA by submitting all the details and supportive documents. Also, the promoters of these properties are liable to update the status of these properties regularly. With the RERA-approved projects in Chandigarh, the government made it easy for buyers to solve their grievances. As investors, they can go worry-free about fraud and delays and continue buying a RERA-approved project in Chandigarh.

Property Investment Options in Chandigarh

Real Estate in Chandigarh have seen enormous growth recently due to the high demand for office spaces and residential units. The city came into popularity because of high return investment opportunities. That could be the best deal if you plan on buying a property in Chandigarh. Some of the best localities for property investment options in Chandigarh include  Mullanpur, Chandi Mandir, Sector 2, Mohali, Sector 35, Sector 15, Aerocity Belt, Zirakpur, and Peer Muchhala Panchkula. These localities are Chandigarh's best property investment options for flats, villas, independent homes, builder floors, and plots.

Real Estate Future in Chandigarh

Real estate in Chandigarh is a booming market with increasing demands. To fulfil the requirements, builders, developers, and government authorities are on the constant path to constructing new projects. However, in the upcoming months, no land parcels will be left in the city, resulting in the shift of the real estate development to cities nearby Chandigarh.

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