Circle Rate Faridabad 2024: Everything You Must Know

Circle Rate Faridabad

Ever wonder what sets the Faridabad real estate market apart? Let’s discuss something crucial yet not always in the limelight—the circle rate.
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the circle rate Faridabad for 2024. If you’re navigating the property market in this vibrant city, understanding the circle rate is crucial. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or just someone curious about the real estate dynamics in Faridabad, this guide is your one-stop resource for all things related to circle rates in 2024

Circle rate in Faridabad & its Impact in 2024? 

The Circle rate, often called the government-notified property value, is a key factor in real estate transactions. It’s the minimum rate at which a property should be registered during the transfer of ownership. If you’re eyeing real estate investment opportunities in Faridabad, getting familiar with the circle rate is necessary. 

In simple terms, this rate is defined as the minimum per square meter cost of property or land. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in determining the registration fees and stamp duty on property deals. As we enter 2024, Faridabad’s real estate market is buzzing with new rates, reflecting the latest trends and market demands.

Continue reading to discover the varying circle rates across Faridabad, learn how to assess property value through the circle rate, and more.

Circle Rate Updates in 2024 

Did You Know? Faridabad’s circle rates are like the city’s heartbeat, constantly changing to keep up with its vibrant real estate scene. Imagine two neighbors, Sector 15 and Sector 16, each with its own story told through differing circle rates. These rates depict Faridabad’s diverse character, from lively commercial hubs to serene residential retreats.

  • Revamped Circle Rates to Kick in From February – The Economic Times (7 January 2024)
    Faridabad is on the edge of a significant change. Circle rates are slated for an update by the end of this month, effective February 1. Initially set for a January 1 implementation, the delay has left property registrations hanging at the current rates until further notice.
  • Potential Increase for 2024-2025: Government of Haryana –
    The Haryana government is proposing a hike in circle rates for Faridabad for the fiscal year 2024-2025. The impact of this increase on property transactions is yet to be seen. If implemented, this change could potentially affect property prices in Faridabad. Details are on the Faridabad district government website ( The announcement is dated March 16, 2024.

Faridabad Circle Rates Breakdown: Sector-Wise Insights and Analysis

Current Faridabad property circle rates:

Sector-Wise Price of plot of 500 sq. yards (per sq. m) Price of plot above 500 sq. yards(per sq. m)
Sector 14 ₹53,820 ₹47,840
Sector 16 ₹50,232 ₹47,840
Sector 17 ₹50,232 ₹41,860
Sector 18 ₹33,488 ₹31,096
Sector 18 A ₹33,488 ₹31,096
Sector 19 ₹35,880 ₹32,292
Sector 21 A ₹41,860 ₹38,272
Sector 21 B ₹41,860 ₹38,272
Sector 28 ₹41,860 ₹35,880
Sector 29 ₹38,272 ₹33,488
Sector 30 ₹38,272 ₹33,488
Sector 31 ₹38,272 ₹33,488

Current Circle Rates for Licensed Colonies: 

Name of the Colony Collector Rates (Per sq. m.)
Sector 79 -83 ₹47,840
Sector 84-90 ₹41,860
Sector 97-98 ₹35,880
Ashoka Enclave ₹41,860
Spring Field Colony ₹35,880
Indraprastha Colony ₹35,880
Durga Colony ₹29,900

Key Factors Influencing Faridabad Circle Rates

A few key points are at play when it comes to the factors influencing the flow of Faridabad’s circle rates. Understanding these can give you a leg up whether you’re buying, selling, or just observing the market. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Location, Location, Location: It’s the golden rule of real estate for a reason. Proximity to the metro, malls, hospitals, and schools can significantly increase an area’s circle rate. Conversely, more secluded areas might see lower rates.
  • Infrastructure Development: New roads, flyovers, and public facilities can transform an area almost overnight. Are there any upcoming infrastructure projects in Faridabad? Keep an eye out; they’re likely to nudge circle rates northward.
  • Market Demand: It’s simple math: high demand leads to higher prices and vice versa. Areas in Faridabad that are hotspots for buyers and investors typically boast higher circle rates.
  • Zoning Regulations: Another important factor is the designated use of land (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), which plays a crucial role. Changes in zoning laws or land use can have a direct impact on circle rates.
  • Economic Indicators: Broader economic factors, like inflation rates and economic growth, can influence property values and, by extension, circle rates.
  • Comparative Property Sales: Recent sales of similar properties in the area provide a benchmark, helping to adjust the circle rate to reflect the current market more accurately.

Calculating Property Value in Faridabad: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Calculating the property value in Faridabad involves understanding and applying the circle rate, which acts as a benchmark for property valuation in the area. Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide to make this process clearer and more manageable:

  • Identify the Circle Rate: Start by finding the current circle rate for the area where the property is located. You can simply check the circle rates on the official website of the Faridabad municipal corporation or the local revenue department.
  • Measure the Property Area: Calculate the total area of the property in square meters or square yards, depending on the unit used in the circle rate documentation.
  • Calculate the Base Value: Multiply the property’s area by the circle rate per unit area. This gives you the property’s base value according to the government’s valuation.

PropertyValue = Property Area (in sq. m) X Circle Rate per Unit Area  (in Rs per sq. m)

  • Adjust for Property Type and Features: Consider any additional features of the property that might affect its value, such as the type of property (residential, commercial, agricultural), location specifics (corner plot, facing a park), age of the property, and any premium amenities it offers. Adjustments might increase or decrease the base value calculated in Step 3 above.
  • Consider Market Factors: Although the circle rate provides a baseline for property valuation, actual market value can differ due to supply and demand dynamics, recent sales of comparable properties, and overall economic conditions. It’s beneficial to compare your calculation with current market trends for a more accurate valuation.
  • Consult with Professionals: For a comprehensive valuation, consider consulting real estate professionals, valuers, or legal advisors who are familiar with Faridabad’s real estate market. They can provide insights and adjustments based on factors that might not be immediately apparent.

Following these steps will give you a solid starting point for understanding the value of a property in Faridabad. 

Remember: While the circle rate is a crucial element in this calculation, various factors, including negotiation between buyers and sellers, might influence the final property value.

Circle Rate Faridabad: A Comparative Look at Residential vs. Commercial Areas 

When diving into the real estate market of Faridabad, understanding the circle rates for residential and commercial areas is crucial. These rates not only reflect the current market value but also guide investors and homebuyers alike. Here’s what you need to know:

Area Type Description
Residential Areas The circle rates for residential properties in Faridabad vary widely and are influenced by location, amenities, and the type of housing (apartments, independent houses, villas, etc.). A plush sector may have a higher circle rate due to its amenities and infrastructure, making it a sought-after residential choice.
Commercial Areas Commercial properties, including office spaces, retail shops, and industrial units, typically have higher circle rates than residential properties. The rate is influenced by the property’s location, size, and potential for business activity. Prime commercial zones in Faridabad command premium rates, reflecting their value for businesses and investors.

Here’s a simpler look at some of the key residential and commercial circle rates across the city:

  • Badoli
    • Residential: ₹12,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹25,000/sq. yard
  • Prahlad Pur Majra
    • Residential: ₹14,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹27,000/sq. yard
  • Sector 14
    • Residential: ₹39,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹90,000/sq. yard
  • Sector 16
    • Residential: ₹37,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹90,000/sq. yard
  • Sector-17
    • Residential: ₹35,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹90,000/sq. yard
  • Sector-18 & 18A
    • Residential: ₹28,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹70,000/sq. yard
  • Sector-19
    • Residential: ₹28,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹70,000/sq. yard
  • Sector-21
    • Residential: ₹31,000/sq. yard
    • Commercial: ₹90,000/sq. yard

These rates reflect the varying demand and development across Faridabad’s landscape, from bustling commercial hubs to serene residential areas.

Whether you’re looking at residential or commercial properties, the circle rate acts as a baseline for negotiations. Knowing these rates can help you gauge the market and make informed decisions, whether you’re investing, buying, or selling.

Understanding Agriculture Land Circle Rates in Faridabad 

Agricultural land holds a unique place in Faridabad’s real estate landscape, with its circle rate being determined by several factors that differ from those affecting residential and commercial properties. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Land Quality and Location: The fertility of the land, accessibility, and proximity to water sources can significantly affect the circle rate. More accessible and fertile plots typically have higher rates.
  • Potential for Conversion: Land that can be converted into residential or commercial zones in the future often has a higher circle rate, reflecting its investment value.
  • Market Trends: Like other property types, market demand and trends influence the circle rate for agricultural land. Areas earmarked for future development projects may see an uptick in rates in anticipation of growth.
  • Investor’s Note: For investors looking at long-term gains, understanding the circle rate for agricultural land is key. It helps evaluate the current worth and predict future appreciation, especially in areas poised for urban expansion.

Circle Rates in Faridabad for Plots

For those interested in purchasing plots in Faridabad, 2024 brings updated circle rates that reflect the current market trends. Whether you’re eyeing a plot for building your dream home or for commercial development, these rates provide a baseline for valuation, affecting overall investment calculations. Understanding these Faridabad plot circle rates is pivotal for negotiating deals and planning your investment strategy in Faridabad’s diverse real estate landscape.

HUDA Sector plots Rate for plots of up to 500 sq. yards Rate for plots of more than 500 sq. yards
Durga Builder Colony Rs.20,000 per sq. yard Rs.20,000 per sq. yard
Indraprastha Colony Rs.25,000 per sq. yard Rs.25,000 per sq. yard
Spring Field Colony Rs.25,000 per sq. yard Rs.25,000 per sq. yard
Ashok Enclave Rs.32,000 per sq. yard Rs.32,000 per sq. yard
Neharpar Sectors 79 to 86 Rs.30,000 per sq. yard Rs.30,000 per sq. yard
Neharpar Sectors 89 and 90 Rs.30,000 per sq. yard Rs.30,000 per sq. yard
Sector 14 Rs.40,000 per sq. yard Rs.37,000 per sq. yard
Sector 16 Rs.38,000 per sq. yard Rs.35,000 per sq. yard
Sector 17 Rs.36,000 per sq. yard Rs.32,000 per sq. yard
Sector 18 Rs.27,000 per sq. yard Rs.24,000 per sq. yard
Sector 18A Rs.26,000 per sq. yard Rs.24,000 per sq. yard
Sector 19 Rs.27,000 per sq. yard Rs.25,000 per sq. yard
Sector 21A Rs.30,000 per sq. yard Rs.27,000 per sq. yard
Sector 21B Rs.30,000 per sq. yard Rs.27,000 per sq. yard
Sector 28 Rs.27,000 per sq. yard Rs.25,000 per sq. yard
Sector 29 Rs.26,000 per sq. yard Rs.25,000 per sq. yard
Sectors 30 and 31 Rs.27,000 per sq. yard Rs.24,000 per sq. yard

Key Considerations and Factors When Calculating Faridabad’s Circle Rates in 2024

As you navigate the intricacies of circle rates in Faridabad, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Stay Updated: Circle rates can change and be influenced by government policies and market trends. Hence, it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest rates.
  • Factor in All Costs: In addition to the circle rate, consider other costs, such as stamp duty, registration fees, and any additional charges that may apply to your transaction.
  • Seek Expert Advice: The process can get complex, especially for large or unique properties. Consulting with a real estate expert can provide clarity and guidance.
  • Understand the Impact: Circle rates directly influence the property’s registration value, affecting both the buyer’s and seller’s financial obligations.

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Q1. What is the current circle rate in Faridabad?

Ans. The current circle rate varies by area and property type in Faridabad. For the most accurate information, check the latest rates on the official Faridabad municipality or revenue department website.

Q2. What is the circle rate for property in Faridabad in 2024?

Ans. The circle rate for property in Faridabad in 2024 is expected to be updated based on market trends and infrastructure developments. For the latest rates, consult the official publications of the Faridabad municipal authority.

Q3. What is the lowest circle rate in Faridabad?

Ans. The lowest circle rate in Faridabad typically applies to less developed areas or specific types of land, such as agricultural land. However, these rates are subject to change, so it’s best to refer to the official Faridabad government sources for current information.

Q4. How do you calculate land prices in Faridabad?

Ans. To calculate land prices in Faridabad, multiply the area of the land (in square meters or square yards) by the applicable circle rate for that area. Adjustments may be made based on the type of land, location, and other relevant factors.

Q5. Can the property be purchased below the circle rate in Faridabad?

Ans. Legally, transactions should not be conducted below the circle rate, as it serves as the minimum rate for property valuation in Faridabad. Transactions below the circle rate may raise questions during the registration process and could have legal implications.

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