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Circle Rates Gurgaon

Circle rate Gurgaon has made the changes at different rates in different areas. Areas along the Dwarka Expressway, Golf Course Road, and MG Road have witnessed a roughly 70% hike. Farukh-nagar has noted a rise of 87% for agricultural land and 35% for commercial land. Badshahpur will record an increase of 40%–80% for agricultural and commercial lands. 

The Haryana state government collects revenue of roughly Rs. 125 crores per month from stamp duty charges. While home seekers have expressed their disappointment with the soaring rates, market experts have cited them as necessary to balance the rising gap between circle rates and market prices.

The Latest News on Circle Rate Gurgaon

New Rates Like to Be Implemented From Next MonthThe Times of India (7 January 2024)

“Circles rates in the city are expected to be revised by the end of this month and come into effect from February 1. The new rates were supposed to have been implemented from January 1, but there has been no announcement so far. For now, properties will be registered according to the existing rate.” 

The government proposes steep hike in circle rates – The Times of India (15 December 2023)

“The Haryana government has proposed a 30%–80% hike in the circle rates of land and properties in the city. The rates are expected to be finalised by the end of the month. People can submit objections and suggestions until December 17. The circle rate is the minimum rate fixed by the state government for registration of properties, and to determine stamp duty.” 

What’s Circle Rate Gurgaon?

Gurgaon’s real-estate growth is a secret to none. It is one of the NCR’s fastest-growing real-estate markets, with yearly multifold property sales. The circle rate in Gurgaon refers to the minimum rate set by the government for the sale or transfer of property, including land, buildings, and apartments. The Haryana government introduced the latest revisions to the circle rates on December 15, 2023, with a window for resident feedback until December 17th. 

The circle rate varies from one locality to another. Generally, the circle rate in Gurgaon is revised twice every year. However, to support the re-emergence of the city’s real estate market post-pandemic, no revisions were made to the rates in 2023. This year, the government proposed a 30%–80% spike in circle rates across categories. 

Once a property is purchased, it is registered at the sub-register office. To gain possession of the property, a buyer must pay stamp duty and registration charges while registering it at the office. These charges are determined based on the existing circle rate. The primary aim of setting circle rate Gurgaon is to curb tax evasion by preventing the undervaluation of property transactions. Guidance Value, Collector Rate or Ready receiver Rate are other terms used for circle rate. 

Understanding and keeping track of the circle rate is essential for everyone. For investors, developers, and individuals looking to buy or sell property in Gurgaon, staying updated with the current circle rates is imperative for making informed decisions and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. This blog explores the various aspects of changes in 2024, the latest rates, sector-wise divisions and much more.

Sector-wise Wise rates in Gurgaon 

Take a look at the circle rate revisions proposed for Gurgaon’s top sectors in 2024.

Sectors  Circle Rate (per sq. ft.)
Sector 63 INR 3,500
Sector 62 INR 3,500
Sector 61 INR 3,500
Sector 60 INR 3,500
Sector 59 INR 3,500
Sector 58 INR 3,500
Sector 57 INR 5,000
Sector 56 INR 5,000
Sector 55 INR 5,000
Sector 54  INR 5,000
Sector 53 INR 5,000
Sector 52 INR 5,000
Sector 51 INR 5,000
Sector 50 INR 5,000
Sector 46 INR 5,000
Sector 43 INR 5,000
Sector 41 INR 5,000
Sector 40 INR 5,000
Sector 31-32 A INR 5,000
Sector 30 INR 5,000

Licensed Colony Circle Rates in Gurgaon

The circle rates for Gurgaon 2024 for licensed colonies are as follows:

Locality Circle Rate 
Licensed colonies within different sectors  INR 2,830
Palam Vihar INR 6,600
DLF Phase 2  INR 7,000

HUDA Circle Rates in Gurgaon

The circle rates in HUDA for 2024 are as follows:

Locality Circle Rate (per square yard)
Sector 18,19,20 N/A
Sector 25 N/A
Sector 104,105,106,109,110,110A, 111,112,113,114 INR 30,000
Sector 21,22,22A23, 23A INR 35,000
Sector 1,2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,12,12A,13 INR 35,000
Sector 38 INR 40,000
Sector 14,15,16,17,40 INR 45,000
Sector 42,43 INR 50,000

Multi Colony Group Housing by Builder Floor Circle Rates 

Here are the proposed circle rates for multi-colony group housing by builder floors:

Locality Circle Rate (per sq. ft.)
DLF Old Colony INR 6,000
Sector 1,2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,,12,12A,13,14,15,16, 17,21, 22, 22A,23,23A, 38,40,42,43 INR 5,000
Sector 104-115 INR 3,000

How Do You Check Gurgaon’s Latest Circle Rates?

If you’ve not found your locality’s circle rates in the above listings, here is a simple and quick way to find it on the district’s official website:

Step 1: Visit District Gurugram’s official website: –

Step 2: From the ‘Documents’ section, choose the ‘Proposed Collector Rate Year 2024 for Objection & Comment’ 

Step 3: The circle rates for various areas will be listed in the pdf format. 

How to Calculate Stamp Duty Value?

The Stamp Duty is a mandatory legal charge and must be paid to record the change of ownership of property legally.. The primary purpose of stamp duty is to legalize the document recording the sale, purchase, or transfer of property, making it a legally binding agreement. Stamp duty calculation is done on market price and circle rate, whichever is higher. However, let’s take a look at the stamp duty calculation using the circle rate in Gurgaon for now:

For Apartments, Flats, and Builder Floor Constructed on Independent Plots: Circle Rate x Carpet Area

For Plots: Plot area x Circle Rate 

At present, the stamp duty fee for residents in Gurgaon stands as follows:

Basis Men Women Joint
Within Municipal Limits 7% 5% 6%
Outside Municipal Limits 5% 3% 4%

Circle Rate vs Market Rate 

The circle rate and the market rate are two distinct concepts. Circle Rate, set by the government, is the minimum price at which a property can be registered during the sale or transfer. The market rate is the actual price at which the buyer sells the property to the buyer. The market price can be higher or lower than the circle rate in Gurgaon.

While the Haryana state government determines the circle rate in Gurgaon in 2024, the market price is influenced by the changing demand-supply trends. Other factors, such as location and property conditions, also influence the market price. 

Here is a quick comparison between the two:

Basis Circle Rate Market Price
Determined by  State Government Market Forces
Purpose Help with taxation and prevent undervaluation of properties To reflect the real value of the property in the market
Revision Revised periodically by the government  Fluctuated more frequently due to changing market scenarios
Evaluation Helps evaluate stamp duty and other legal charges  Helps evaluate the price at which the final deal will be closed
Variation It varies from one locality to the next Can vary even within the same locality, depending upon the buyer-seller negotiations

Inviting Feedback from the Residents

While proposing the new circle rate in Gurgaon, Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav remarked, “The proposed rates are available on the government’s website. Citizens can submit objections and suggestions on the proposal till December 17 (2023) at my office or the office of the SDMs.”

While the window has been closed as of now, this is the general process of introducing revisions to the rates. The authorities list out their revisions and invite feedback or objections from the residents. The submitted suggestions were planned to be scrutinized by the SDMs by December 19, before submitting a final report to the deputy commissioner. 

Originally planned to be implemented on January 1, the new circle rates in Gurgaon are expected to come into effect on February. 1. Until the new rates come into effect, properties in Gurgaon will be registered at the existing rates. 


Q1. What’s the current circle rate in Gurgaon?

Ans. There is no standardized circle rate for Gurgaon. The rate differs from one locality to another. You can visit to find the circle rate for your locality.

Q2. What happens if the market value is higher than the circle rate?

Ans. In cases where the market value of a property is higher than its circle rate, the stamp duty will be calculated based on the market value. As per the government’s guidelines, stamp duty is calculated based on the higher two values.

Q3. Can a property be bought below market value?

Ans. Yes, one might get a great deal on their property purchase and end up paying less than the market value. However, the stamp duty will be calculated on the circle rate or the purchase price, whichever is higher.

Q4. Can a property be purchased below the circle rate?

Ans. Property transactions cannot be legally registered below the circle rate as they are the minimum valuation for stamp duty calculation. Doing so might raise legal and tax implications.

Q5. What are the existing stamp duty rates in Gurgaon?

Ans. Within municipal limits, a stamp duty of 7% for men and 5% for women is applicable in Gurgaon. Outside municipal limits, the rate is 5% for men and 3% for women.

Q6. Are property prices increasing in Gurgaon?

Ans. Gurgaon is one of NCR’s leading real estate markets. Rising infrastructural development and high demand have resulted in soaring property prices in the area. 

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