15 Attractive Double Fan POP Design For Your Home

Double Fan POP Design

Double Fan POP designs are having a moment in interior design. A good ceiling design instantly uplifts the room and seamlessly expresses one’s taste in design. It’s not just the furniture or the colour of the wall, but the magic lies in “the ceiling”. Yes, the often overlooked ceiling can give the main character energy to your room, especially with double fan POP designs that marry aesthetics with functionality. But where to begin? Worry not because we’ve got 18 ideas to have your creativity soaring higher than your ceiling!

The struggle to find the right design that suits your aesthetics is real. Though there are not many options for a small living room, finding one for your big hall comes with its own headaches. Creating a unique and visually appealing double fan POP (Plaster of Paris) design can surely add a distinctive charm to your home renovation.

Let’s think outside the Double Fan POP Designs with innovative ideas that blend aesthetics with practicality:

Double Fan POP Design: Hidden Efficiency

Double fan POP design

Merge form with function by designing a POP ceiling that cleverly conceals the fan boxes. This gives your ceiling a sleek, uninterrupted appearance and cleverly masks the electrical wiring, enhancing both aesthetics and safety.

Double Fan POP Design: Layered Cooling

Double fan POP design

Elevate your ceiling’s impact with a two-tier design. The upper tier can host recessed lighting that softly highlights the tier below, where the fans are mounted, adding a visual layer. This enhances the cooling effect, making it a smart and stylish choice for any room.

Double Fan POP Design: Stargazer

Double fan POP design

Incorporate a celestial theme into your ceiling with double fan POP designs that mimic a starry night. This idea serves as a focal point and brings a touch of the infinite to your indoor space, making it perfect for bedroom settings with a desired calm, soothing atmosphere.

Double Fan POP Design: Geometric Harmony

Double Fan POP Designs

Introduce geometric shapes around the fans to create a sense of modernity and structure. Whether it’s clean lines or bold squares, these shapes can align with the contours of your furniture and overall room geometry, making everything look intentional and well-planned.

Double Fan POP Design: Floral Flourish

Double Fan POP Designs

Soft floral motifs crafted in POP can add understated elegance to traditional decor. This design works well in formal living spaces or bedrooms, where a gentle, artistic touch enhances the room’s classic appeal without overpowering it.

Double Fan POP Design: Vintage Carving

Double Fan POP Designs

For lovers of the antique and the timeless, adding ornate vintage carvings around the fan fixtures can transport your space to a bygone era. This design suits classical decor and complements rich, luxurious furniture styles.

Double Fan POP Design: Indirect Illumination

Double Fan POP Designs

Incorporate cove lighting within the POP design to create an indirect glow around the fans. This adds a touch of sophistication and ambience. Softly lit environments are key to creating ambience. By integrating cove lighting within the POP ceiling, you can achieve a glowing effect that radiates warmth and sophistication, perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Double Fan POP Design: Spotlight the Fans

Double Fan POP Designs

Make your fans more than functional by highlighting them with strategic spotlights embedded in the ceiling. This will illuminate the fans and turn them into standout features of your interior design.

Double Fan POP Design: Edge Carvings

Double Fan POP Designs

Enhance the edges of your ceiling with carvings that embedded fibre optic lights can light to mimic a twinkling starry sky. These are ideal for adding a magical touch to children’s rooms or creating a romantic ambiance in master bedrooms.

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Double Fan POP Design: Plus Minus

Double Fan POP Designs

Adapt the classic double fan POP design by adding or removing elements to suit your taste and the specifics of your space. This customisable approach allows you to play with depth, shapes, and lighting effects, ensuring your ceiling is unique and functional.

Double Fan POP Design: Reflective Elegance

Double Fan POP Design

Consider finishes that reflect light to maximise your artificial lighting. Glossy or metallic finishes can amplify light, making your space appear larger and more open.

Double Fan POP Design: Beam Fall Ceiling

Double Fan POP Design

Integrate architectural beams into your design for a more defined and dramatic look. This can help break up a large space or add interest to a simple room, and it works well with both contemporary and rustic interiors.

Double Fan POP Design: Medallion Marvel

Double fan POP Design

Create a decorative POP medallion around each fan. This adds a touch of vintage charm and complements traditional furniture styles. Classic and charming decorative medallions around the fan bases introduce a touch of ornamental beauty, ideal for enhancing traditional decor with a nod to historical elegance.

Double Fan POP Design: Nature’s Inspiration

double fan POP design

Bring the outside in with wave or leaf-like patterns that flow around the fans. These organic shapes can induce a peaceful and calming environment, making them perfect for spaces that offer rest and relaxation.

Double Fan POP Design: Pop a Colour

double fan POP design

Don’t shy away from colours! Use bold contrasts or harmonious tones to highlight architectural details or to make the fans pop. This is your chance to inject personality and vibrancy into the room.


By considering these unique and practical ideas, you can create a double fan POP design that’s both functional and stylish for your renovated home. Consult a professional interior designer or contractor to tailor these ideas to your specific space and preferences.

FAQ’s about Double Fan POP Design

Q1. Which is better, PVC or POP ceiling?

When we compare PVC vs POP ceilings, the choice depends on your specific needs based on durability, aesthetics, maintenance, and environmental conditions. PVC ceilings are more durable, water-resistant, and easier to install than POP ceilings. They work well in humid conditions and are low maintenance. On the other hand, POP ceilings offer a more seamless finish and can be moulded into various designs for a more aesthetic appeal.

Q2. How much does a POP cost for a 10×10 room?

The cost of a POP ceiling for a 10×10 room can vary widely based on your location, the design’s complexity, and the POP layer’s thickness. However, on an estimate, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2 to $5 per square foot for the material alone, with labour costs adding more to the total. Similarly, for a 100-square-foot room, the material cost could range from $200 to $500. It’s best to get a specific quote from local contractors for the most accurate estimation.

Q3. Which is the cheapest false ceiling?

Gypsum board false ceilings are generally considered the cheapest option for false ceilings. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and provide a smooth finish. 

Q4. What is the best design for a ceiling fan?

The “best” ceiling fan design depends on your personal taste and various factors. People usually consider factors like room size, style (modern, classic, etc.), and features (motor type, light kit). It’s advisable to explore options that balance function, aesthetics, and your needs for a cool & stylish space.

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