Why Choose us?

100% Money Security

Amount Stored in RBI Authorized Bank

Complete Trust and Control

Approval of all parties needed for Pay-out and Pay-in

3rd Party Escrow Trustee

SEBI regd. Trustee's approval needed for Payout

Super Quick and Easy

Draft Agreement in 2 minutes

Protect yourself against
the Risk of:

Failed Transactions


Deal Fallout

Digital Escrow Solutions

Digital Stamping



Escrow Creation

  • Creator adds property details for the Escrow Agreement
  • Creator adds buyer, seller and agent details
  • Creator adds Escrow arrangement details like Escrow amount etc.
  • Creator Pays the Escrow fees.

Approval & Payout

  • Parties complete their details including KYC
  • E-signing of Escrow Agreement by Parties
  • Escrow amount deposited into the Escrow account by Payers

Escrow Amount Settlement

  • Settlement Initiation by any party
  • All parties approve the settlement request through E-Sign
  • Settlement from Escrow Account to Beneficiary Account after SEBI regd. Trustee's approval

What Our Clients Say

Our clients praise us for our great result, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

Heena Paul

20 Feb 2022

Square Yards’s online escrow agreement service acts as a one-stop-shop for tenants like me.They helped me with choosing the best option & gave the best service .Really appreciate the facility. Square Yards is a highly recommendable platform for tenants and landlords. Creativity combined with excellent technical capabilities, I am thankful to Square Yards for its services and will certainly use it again and again.

Vinayak Singh

16 March 2022

Really appreciate the ease Square Yards’s online escrow agreement facility provides.Several options are available in terms of locations, property type and price .It is as if they know what a customer generally goes through and have tried to address the very same issues. Good customer service and interaction with Impeccable assistance throughout the entire process of escrow agreement service.

Harry Sharma

8 Apr 2022

Square Yards has handled all of my Land Title Investments and Rental Engagement. Square Yards provides professional yet personable service at a very reasonable price. Their turn around time is extraordinary, as I have been able to close as quickly as 5 days. Very satisfied with the handling of my contracts. I highly recommend Square Yards Escrow Services

Frequently asked questions
For any help, feedback, or queries with the Escrow Agreement creation process, connect with us at  escrow@urbanmoney.com 

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