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Hot Selling Projects in Faridabad


Best Sellers in Faridabad

The latest residential offerings from the best builders in Faridabad, handpicked by our team of experts just for you and backed by our widely acclaimed transaction and financial services.

Bptp District Faridabad

Bptp District Faridabad

Sector 81, Faridabad
INR 1.29 Cr to 2.15 Cr
  • 767 units
  • 36.5 Acres
  • Plot
  • 908 Sq. Ft. to 1512 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
Ansal Faridabad Eye

Ansal Faridabad Eye

Sector 70, Faridabad
INR 1.22 Cr
  • 128 units
  • 3 Beds Flats
  • 2525 Sq. Ft. to 2525 Sq. Ft.
BPTP Parkland Pride Phase 2

BPTP Parkland Pride Phase 2

Sector 77, Faridabad
INR 51.84 Lac
  • 152 units
  • 19.96 Acres
  • 3 Beds Ind Floor
  • 1103 Sq. Ft. to 1103 Sq. Ft. (Saleable)
Conscient Habitat Residences

Conscient Habitat Residences

Sector 78, Faridabad
INR 21.08 Lac
  • 732 units
  • 5.8 Acres
  • 2 Beds Flats
  • 517 Sq. Ft. to 517 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
Omaxe Green Valley

Omaxe Green Valley

Sector 42, Faridabad
INR 63.25 Lac to 1.48 Cr
  • 750 units
  • 2 BHK-3 BHK-4 BHK Flats, Villa, Penthouse
  • 1150 Sq. Ft. to 2690 Sq. Ft.

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Real Estate in Faridabad

Faridabad, an important part of Delhi NCR, has grown considerably in the real estate sector over the years. . Owing to this advancement, the buyers and investors have shown keen interest in its real estate market. . Faridabad’s properties pose a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and also generate higher rental yields and a value for money tag. The current real estate market of Faridabad features builder floors, apartments, villas, plots and so on.

Market Size of Real Estate in Faridabad

The real estate market size of Faridabad is booming as there is a massive influx of investors, developers and consumers. The Faridabad real estate market has witnessed a hike in profit as multiple renowned developers have launched their new projects in Faridabad. Moreover, the MNCs also play a crucial role in enhancing Faridabad’s real estate market. Currently, multiple MNCs are operating in Faridabad, with many businesses and corporate parks in line.

Infrastructure and Connectivity in Faridabad

Faridabad is widely known for its infrastructure and industrial capability as it belongs to the top ten industrial cities of Asia, as 20% of the city’s land area  is leashed with 1500 big and small renowned industries. However, the IT sector of Faridabad is weak and the traffic witness slight congestion during peak hours.

Regarding roadways, Faridabad has smooth and rush-free connectivity through other NCRs like Gurugram. Moreover, Faridabad provides seamless connectivity to Delhi. The DMRC is also connected with Faridabad. Industrial capability is one of the factors that boosted the real estate market and attracted prominent developers.

The Best Localities in Faridabad

 The factors that play their part in the industrial development of Faridabad are the inclusion of MNCs, modern community amenities, new projects by renowned developers and so on. Some of the best localities in Faridabad are: DLF Phase 1, Sector 85, Sector 86, Sector 88, Bhupani, Sector 70, Sector 75 and more.

Top Localities, Property Type with Price Trends in Faridabad

Faridabad has numerous localities considered posh residential spaces. The price trends of villas, builder floors, apartment complexes, and plots differ as per the area. . Check the below-mentioned tabulated information to get a better understanding of Faridabad’s price trends according to the property type.

Price Trends for Apartments

Locality Name Price Range per sq. ft. In INR Avg price per sq. ft. in INR Price rise
Sector 85 1,750 - 6,875 / sqft 5,817.13 / sqft -6.9%
Sector 86 1,000 - 6,571 / sqft 5,149.75 / sqft -
Sector 88 1,000 - 7,273 / sqft 4,937.36 / sqft -28.2%
Sector 70 832 - 4,950 / sqft 3,812.45 / sqft -1.7%
Sector 75 1,167 - 6,667 / sqft 5,187.16 / sqft -18.7%
Sector 49 2,492 - 5,357 / sqft 3,839.8 / sqft 2.9%
Sector 89 688 - 6,037 / sqft 5,351.17 / sqft -12.2%
Sector 77 648 - 5,667 / sqft 4,464.54 / sqft -25.5%

Price Trends in Faridabad for Builder Floor

Locality Name Price Range per sq. ft. In INR Avg price per sq. ft. in INR Price rise
Dlf Phase 1 6,944 - 19,531 / sqft 18,404.01 / sqft -
Sector 85 1,182 - 8,108 / sqft 7,517.55 / sqft -
Sector 86 3,200 - 6,570 / sqft 5,972.24 / sqft -
Sector 88 1,481 - 6,000 / sqft 4,608.7 / sqft -
Sector 70 833 - 4,016 / sqft 2,17.81 / sqft -
Sector 75 1,537 - 5,029 / sqft 4,626.49 / sqft -
Sector 49 2,156 - 6,285 / sqft 5,661.47 / sqft -
Sector 89 2,089 - 7,407 / sqft 6,170.69 / sqft -
Sector 77 1,077 - 5,714 / sqft 5,397.6 / sqft -

Price Trends in Faridabad for Villa

Locality Name Price Range per sq. ft. In INR Avg price per sq. ft. in INR Price rise
Dlf Phase 1 17,045 - 34,815 / sqft 30,371.91 / sqft -
Sector 85 9,259 / sqft 9,259.26 / sqft -32.4%
Sector 88 4,444 - 15,526 / sqft 10,481.48 / sqft -21.4%
Sector 70 4,277 / sqft 4,277.23 / sqft -
Sector 49 2,667 - 9,259 / sqft 8,641.98 / sqft 40.2%

Price Trend in Faridabad for Plots

Locality Name Price Range per sq. ft. In INR Avg price per sq. ft. in INR Price rise
Dlf Phase 1 11,328 - 55,556 / sqft 51,742.92 / sqft -
Sector 85 889 - 71,200 / sqft 58,119.64 / sqft 9%
Sector 86 2,182 - 10,000 / sqft 8,935.19 / sqft 376.7%
Sector 88 611 - 8,356 / sqft 6,493.17 / sqft -29.3%
Bhupani 889 - 12,733 / sqft 12,733.33 / sqft -15.1%
Bhopani 760 - 12,945 / sqft 12,763.07 / sqft -
Sector 70 2,377 - 4,786 / sqft 4,476.19 / sqft 2.4%
Sector 75 4,800 - 7,701 / sqft 7,700.77 / sqft -12.1%
Sector 49 1,222 - 14,543 / sqft 11,254.46 / sqft -
Sector 89 605 - 9,804 / sqft 7,42.26 / sqft 81%
Sector 77 5,853 - 8,439 / sqft 8,438.82 / sqft -36%

Home and Living

Faridabad’s infrastructural development is causing considerable congestion in the city, leading to a great advancement on the  outskirts. Faridabad’s real estate market has the capability to provide an easing and lucrative living experience. Moreover, real estate properties are potential investment avenues as they generate higher rental yields and resale value. Faridabad shares its border with the national capital, which makes it more desirable for residential purposes. Moreover, several business parks, corporate parks, and residential new projects are being introduced in Faridabad.

Demographic Stats (By Population)

The demographic statistics of Faridabad is witnessing a tremendous hike as the population has almost doubled from Census 2001 to Census 2011. In Census 2001 the population cap was 13.65 lakh and in Census 2011 it rose to 18.10 lakhs. The increase in population results in an increase in demand for residential space as well as other resources. As the demand has increased, numerous real estate developers have perceived it as a potential investment avenue and launched multiple new projects in Faridabad. Furthermore, not only the population and requirements have increased, but the literacy rate of the city has also witnessed about a 5% hike In Census 2001, the literacy rate was 76.30% and rose to 81.70% in 2011.

In addition, in order to meet the demand of residents and other needs the government has launched multiple schemes for the inhabitants of Faridabad. To learn more about the Demographic details, check out the below-mentioned tabulated data.

Specification  Census 2001 Census 2011
Population 13.65 Lakhs 18.10 Lakhs
Actual Population 1,365,465 1,809,733
Male 747,673 966,110
Female 617,792 843,623
Population Growth 58.88% 32.54%
Area Sq. Km 741 741
Density/km2 1,744 2,442
Proportion to Haryana Population 6.46% 7.14%
Sex Ratio (Per 1000) 826 873
Child Sex Ratio (0-6 Age) 846 843
Average Literacy 76.30 81.70
Male Literacy 85.10 88.61
Female Literacy 65.50 73.84
Total Child Population (0-6 Age) 200,608 251,955
Male Population (0-6 Age) 108,692 136,679
Female Population (0-6 Age) 91,916 115,276
Literates 543,108 1,272,739
Male Literates 344,000 734,940
Female Literates 887,108 537,799
Child Proportion (0-6 Age) 14.69% 13.92%
Boys Proportion (0-6 Age) 14.54% 14.15%
Girls Proportion (0-6 Age) 14.88% 13.66%

Top Real Estate Developers in Faridabad

Numerous  renowned active real estate developers are currently building their projects in Faridabad. Check out the below-mentioned data to know more about renowned real estate developers, along with their project names and years of experience.

Developer Name New Launch Under Construction Ready to Move Total Project Years or Experience
BPTP BPTP District Phase 2 BPTP District 3 BPTP Park Sentosa BPTP park Arena BPTP The Resort BPTP Park Elite Floors 24 16
Eros Eros Edenwood Towers Eros Sterling Apartments Eros Belvedere Towers 16 79
Puri Puri Aman Vilas Puri Kohinoor Emporium Puri Aanandvilas Puri VIP Floors Puri Anand Vilas Phase II 9 42 Years
Omaxe Omaxe World Homes Omaxe Spa Village Omaxe Hills II Omaxe New Heights 9 32 Years

Property Types in Faridabad

You can find a wide array of both residential and commercial properties in Faridabad. The real estate developments in the city typically range from affordable apartments and flats to ready-to-move apartments, villas and studio apartments. Builders and developers are the backbones of the Faridabad realty market. The  builders have come up with excellent property options for buying and renting. The different property types in Faridabad have increased the charm of real estate in the city.

Residential Properties in Faridabad

Residential property prices in Faridabad have risen significantly in recent years. With world-famous developers constantly building residential projects in the city, Faridabad boasts multiple gated communities and societies that offer top-grade amenities.. The top locations for buying residential property in Faridabad include Sector 85, Ashoka Enclave, Sector 86, and much more. You can expect to find 1 BHK to 6 BHK options for sale in the city that will cost you no less than Rs. 5 lakhs. And, if you wish to rent a property, you will have to pay between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 65 lakhs. Whether you have a low or a high budget, you will indeed find a residential property in Faridabad as per your requirements.

Commercial Properties in Faridabad

Designed and built keeping high quality in mind, the commercial properties in Faridabad, like office spaces, shops, showrooms, industrial plots, etc., are a great option for your next commercial set-up in the city. The existence of plenty of MNCs, economic zones, manufacturing hubs, and industries has strengthened the city’s position in the real estate market. By combining the latest engineering technologies with innovative strategies and dedication, the commercial properties in Faridabad are committed to supporting the city’s real estate market requirements. The commercial properties in the city are built with enough space and are tailor-made to the buyers’ requirements.

Mixed-use Properties in Faridabad

Infused with residential and commercial spaces, the mixed-use properties are highly marketable  in Faridabad. Such properties involve residential and commercial spaces in a single property and can be utilised for residential and income-generating purposes, like running a business, practising a profession, etc. The mixed-use properties in Faridabad are available at budget-friendly prices.

Industrial  Properties in Faridabad

A plethora of industrial properties are available for sale in the prime localities of Faridabad. The industrial plots in the city are always considered an impressive investment option for the future, mainly in terms of value appreciation. The localities with industrial properties in Faridabad have excellent future growth prospects, most of which are in the vicinity of public transportation. All the industrial plots are away from the main city and fulfil the criteria of being suitable for industrial use.

Ready-to-move Properties in Faridabad

Ready-to-move properties are in high demand in Faridabad. The city offers lavish and premium-built ready-to-move flats that are well equipped with everything a resident needs for a comfortable living. Green Fields Colony and Sector 86 are the top neighbourhoods where you can buy ready-to-move apartments at affordable prices. The purchase price of these properties in Faridabad lies between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 7.5 crore. Furthermore, , if you wish to rent it, the price ranges from Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 65 lakhs.

Studio Apartments in Faridabad

Popularly known as 1 RK or 1 Room Kitchen Set, a few studio apartments are available in the city. These types of apartments provide a single room with a corner area for a kitchen and an attached bathroom. These apartments come in different sizes, and you can opt for any of them as per your requirement. These apartments cost less than any other configuration but are not widely available in Faridabad.

Villas in Faridabad

You can find many independent villas in the posh localities of Faridabad. With luxury villas in the city, embrace a spectacular investment opportunity. The price of villas nestled in the top locations of Faridabad starts from Rs. 80 lakhs, and this price can go up to Rs. 7.5 crores. Not only this, but if you have a limited budget, then you can even rent a villa in the city. The price of rented villas here falls between Rs. 6,500 and Rs. 5 lakhs, depending upon the configuration and locality.

Flats in Faridabad

If peace and calmness are what you seek, then Faridabad is the city to reside in! With top-notch social infrastructure, a booming industrial sector, and nicely built properties, Faridabad offers a plethora of flats for sale in the city. Not only this, you can even rent flats in Faridabad at a very affordable price. The city is currently attracting many developers and investors, with affordability and adequate land supply being the top factors. The tabular representation below involves the top localities living in the city, along with their relevant starting rent and purchase price.

RERA Approved Projects in Faridabad by Government

In the current period, almost every residential project in Faridabad is RERA-approved.  RERA-approved properties are more secure and help the government to solve the property buyers' grievances efficiently. These properties make your investment secure and your property buying experience hassle-free, as buying a property is not easy and often comes with a large capital investment.

New Projects in Faridabad

There are several new launches and ongoing projects available in Faridabad. Check  the below-mentioned information to know more about a few new projects in Faridabad:

Real Estate Future in Faridabad

The current real estate market in Faridabad is witnessing a boom as the demand for real estate investment options is high while the government and private entities bridge the gap of housing with legal permissions and strategic development.. With myriads of options and exponential growth of the property market, Faridabad is also witnessing   development in the outskirts.

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