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Property Inspection Services

Our certified experts meticulously evaluate the property inside-out to ensure that your new home is architecturally sound.

  • Methodical Home Inspection
  • Employing Tech-enabled solutions
  • Providing Pertinent insights to Home-buyers

Why shell out on repairs, when you can stay prepared!

What are Property Inspection Services?

Property inspection is imperative and should be concluded punctiliously before home buying. Our services allow customers to take counsel from our certified inspectors. The experts possess rich experience in examining every corner of a property to safeguard the buyers’ interests. The customers availing our services would be able to review any impending structural or interior inconsistencies of the property inspected through an in-depth report.



Arduous scrutiny of the property in question



Accurate detection of any architectural defaults



Safeguarding the interests of the home buyers

What does Property Inspection cover?

Our Property inspection envelops the following services to ensure a coherent property analysis.

Quality Check

Examine the quality of the property's structural blueprint and architectural design.


Area Check

Authenticate the accuracy of the area offered by the developers.


Dimension Check

Evaluate the accurate property dimensions.


Material Check

Inspect the material employed in construction.


Brand Check

Examine the quality of raw materials wielded.


Quality Check

Examine the quality of the property's structural blueprint and architectural design.


Material Check

Inspect the material employed in construction.


Area Check

Authenticate the accuracy of the area offered by the developers.


Brand Check

Examine the quality of raw materials wielded.


Dimension Check

Evaluate the accurate property dimensions.

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Contact for Property Inspection!

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Who should avail Property Inspection Services?

These services are crafted to cater to the requirements of the following.

  • You purchased a new home
  • You got possession from the builder
  • You are renting a new tenant
  • You got your home renovated
  • You bought a home in resale
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Inspect before you invest with Home Inspection Services

Gift your next home an expert home inspection

Our Trusted Partner for Property Inspection Service



Our liaison with PropChk, a renowned brand of that facilitates comprehensive home inspections for its customer base. The company boasts an impressive track record in providing detailed home-inspection reports to identify hindrances such as seepage, water leakage, wall dampening and plumbing issues.

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Sample Report - Key Highlights

The customer can review the following report to get a brief idea of the contents of the analysis that we provide to our customers.

360 Walkthrough Video

We employ state-of-the-art technology to enable a virtual walkthrough of the property for our clients. So that they can review the floor map, spacing and architectural synopsis of the property at their discretion. This feature entails an interactive dashboard to accentuate a meticulous property assessment.

Why Choose Square Yards?

Because with us, you get a diverse catalogue of services that guarantees a hassle-free experience for every client.

Visual Assistance

Provides technology-enabled 360-degree walkthrough of property.

Comprehensive Analysis

Covers all the parameters required to be assessed for home inspections.

Cost-Efficient Report

Offers economical and pocket-friendly home inspection reports.

Accurate Estimation

Employs methodical techniques to compute the area accurately.

Testimonials From Our Customers

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Why is home inspection important?

Ans: Home inspection is an important process because it can identify the crucial issues that affect the property’s value at the time of purchase.

Q2. What is the use of a property inspector?

Ans: A property inspector is responsible for the inspection of the property and making a detailed report of the findings from the inspection.

Q3. Should I take home inspection service for resale property, too?

Ans: You can opt for a home inspection service for a resale property to determine the current condition of the property.

Q4. What are the major concerns in home inspection?

Ans: The major issues in a home inspection generally include roofing, termites, plumbing and electrical problems, foundation issues and more.

Q5.  How much does property inspection cost?

Ans: Home inspection costs vary from company to company or from professional to professional. Prices are not constant in the real estate industry.

Q6. Can a building inspector come to your property without permission?

Ans: No, a home inspector can’t visit your property for inspection without your permission.

Home Inspection Services in India

Home inspection services offer a vital layer of assurance and protection for homeowners and potential purchasers in India. All this happens while they roam the complex real estate market. These services provide homebuyers with a detailed assessment of the condition of the property. This is required to identify potential major issues that may include plumbing, electrical systems, structure, and more.

A home inspector analyzes the distinctive features of homes, such as local construction and environmental influences, and provides a thorough home inspection report. This allows homebuyers to make well-informed decisions. Aside from helping with repairs or modifications throughout the purchasing process, the main objective is to guarantee safety and adherence to building standards. 

What is a Home Inspection? 

A home or property inspection is an assessment conducted by a qualified inspector. The inspector's job is to evaluate the property's condition. This comprehensive inspection covers multiple aspects of the home to identify any major issues with the property. These issues are generally labeled as safety hazards, future maintenance needs, electrical and plumbing conditions, interiors, the home’s foundation, and more. When the inspector submits the final report, it contains all the information about the aspects that affect the home’s condition. 

Who Should Use Home Inspection Services? 

Home inspection services are indeed beneficial in many ways. Many groups can use them for themselves. The following groups can consider using home inspection services:

  • Homebuyers: New homebuyers can use home inspection services to identify if there are any major issues present in the house before buying the property.
  • Sellers: Sellers can benefit from home inspection services by identifying and working on issues before listing the property for sale. A home inspection before listening can make the selling process easy and contribute to the property’s appeal to potential buyers.
  • Agents and Brokers: Real estate agents and brokers aim to provide their buyers with the best possible property. They can recommend a property that has undergone a home inspection to their clients, which will ultimately attract buyers' attention.
  • Investors: A comprehensive home inspection can benefit the investors as they buy and sell the properties for profit. They can use home inspection services near me to access the conditions and value of the property.  
  • Homeowners: Existing homeowners may use the home inspection service for maintenance checkups to identify potential issues. If any issue is found, homeowners can work on the issue for the betterment of the property.

How Does It Work? 

The workings of a property inspection are straightforward and easy to understand. These include some steps to carry forward the process of property inspection. Here, you can understand the process of a home inspection:

Process of Home Inspection Services

The process of home inspection is gradually increasing in India with each passing year. Here are the workings of a home inspection in India:

  • Hiring: First, a homeowner hires a professional home inspector or a professional home inspection company. These professionals are trained in their respective fields to access aspects of the property’s condition.
  • Scheduling: The next step is to schedule the inspection. Generally, the home inspection is scheduled after the buyer's commitment to purchase the property and before finalizing the deal. The buyer, the seller and the inspector may agree on a suitable time for the inspection to proceed forward. 
  • Inspection: Now, the home inspector conducts a kind of examination of the property. This examination includes a thorough inspection of the structure, plumbing, electrical systems, walls, floors, doors and windows, roofing, etc. The inspector also looks for signs of any damage done to the property that can affect its value.
  • Reporting: Once the inspection is complete, the home inspector prepares a report with detailed information on the findings. This report may include the issues, if any, photographs and recommendations for repairs, if any. 
  • Negotiations: Based on the reports provided by the home inspector, a buyer can further negotiate the deal with the seller for the property. 
  • The Deal: If the negotiations go well, the buyer and the seller can finalise the deal based on the negotiated terms.

Checklist for a Home Inspection

There are a few points that you should consider before opting for a home inspection service. Below are some of the points to consider for the same:

  • It is important to choose a reputed inspector for your home inspection. Ensure that the inspector has all the necessary qualifications and experience. You can hire a professional with a good track record.
  • Try to be present at the site during the inspection process. Doing so will give a firsthand look at the findings and will allow you to directly ask the questions. This will also help you understand the property better. 
  • Once the inspection is completed, you’ll receive a detailed report. Read the report carefully to get a better understanding of all the aspects mentioned in the report. 
  • You use the findings from the inspection to your advantage. The inspection report can benefit you during negotiations for the property. 
  • The inspection may reveal the required repairs and maintenance tasks. You can use the report to make the necessary repairs in your home.
  • Always keep a copy of the inspection report with you. The document can be a valuable asset for future reference. 

The Benefit of using Home inspection services

Here are some benefits of using home inspection services:

  • Identifying the issues in the inspection report and working on them early can save you significant amounts of money for future and other expenses.
  • A detailed inspection report can work as a helping hand to get property insurance and loans. This is because the report can offer an assurance of the property’s good condition.
  • In the case of new construction, inspection ensures that the property meets the particular building and construction standards.
  • Inspection can identify the issues that can be crucial for the occupant's health. These issues can include poor air quality, which can affect a human’s health.

How can home inspection services help you save money on the property? 

Home inspection services can definitely help you save money on the property. A home inspection can detect minor issues before they become major setbacks. You can do early repairs to save on the cost of major repairs in the future. Also, identifying the maintenance needs can help you extend the lifespan of home systems, such as plumbing and electrical systems. You can also negotiate some leverage while purchasing the house with the inspection report, saving some money on your purchase.


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