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Jomir Tothya

The West Bengal State Government’s rollout of the Jomir Tothya has helped to reduce the number of individuals visiting government offices. Obtaining land-related data or property information in West Bengal used to take a lot of work. With a few clicks, the app now provides people with complete property-related details around the clock.

The Jomir Tothya app was released in 2019. It is exceptionally user-friendly because it can be used in three distinct languages: Hindi, Bangla, and English. Anyone with a Google Play account can access Jomir Tothya online by installing the app. The Jomir Tothya app download is currently only available for Android phones.

The Department of Land & Land Reforms manages the land records in West Bengal. The system has been digitalised under the BanglarBhumi portal, allowing residents to access records online. Through this portal, people can check plot information, apply for land-related services, and get certified copies of their land documents. This online system makes it easier and faster for landowners and other stakeholders to access necessary information without visiting government offices.

Let us examine how the app was developed, the download process, and the information provided on the application.

What is Jomir Tothya?

Jomir Tothya is the government’s official mobile app for land and land reform services in jomir tothya West Bengal. For the convenience of citizens, it is provided in three Indian languages: Bengali, Hindi, and English.

The application was launched in 2019 with the goal of making land-related services easier by eliminating the need for repeated trips to land departments’ offices. You can get this app from the Google Play Store. You will be able to get information about khatian, land conversion, plots, data pertaining to charges and fees, officer details, and monitor cases with the Jomir Tothya online app.

What is the difference between Jomir Tothya and Banglarbhumi?

Banglarbhumi jomir tothya is West Bengal’s online platform where anyone can view official land records pertaining to their land property. The state government’s Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Departments oversee it. It includes information such as the property owner’s name, area/size, plot number, property valuation, and information about the current owner, among other things.

Jomir tothya is a smartphone app developed by the Government of West Bengal’s Department of Land Reforms. It was created to serve citizens with door-to-door services. This app provides 24-hour access to real-time land data. The software supports three languages: Bengali,Hindi, and English.

How Can I Get Khatian Information on Jomir Tothya?

If you wish to get information using the Jomir Tothya, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Firstly, youโ€™ll have to open the app and select your preferred language. Youโ€™ll have a choice between Bangla, Hindi, or English. You shall be asked to confirm your selection. Select ‘Yes’ to continue or ‘No’ to alter what youโ€™ve selected.

Step 2: Select ‘Khatian Information’ from the app’s list of available services.

Step 3: Choose the district, block, and mouza in which the property is situated and continue.

Step 4: To view the details, feed in the jomir tothya Khatian number. Learn what mouza is, the Khatianโ€™s ownership deets, the ownerโ€™s name, the type of owner, the name of the father or spouse, the address, the number . of plots specified in the Khatian, the total area indicated in the Khatian, and so much more.

How can I find out more plot information on Jomir Tothya?

If you wish to get jomir tothya plot information using the Jomir Tothya, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: From the page of the service list, select the icon for ‘Plot information’.

Step 2: Fill out the location information ( block, district, and mouza). The location can be selected from a drop-down menu.

Step 3: Type in your ‘Plot number’ in the mentioned field to advance and obtain plot information. This comprises information such as the Khatian numbers of the plot’s co-sharers, shared areas,ย  land classification, renter type, owner data, etc.

How can I get RS-LR Data from the Banglarbhumi App?

If you wish to obtain plot information using the Jomir Tothya, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: To proceed, click the ‘RS-LR Informationโ€™ icon in the service list.

Step 2: Fill out the location information. This can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select whether you want to convert from RS to LR or vice versa. It should be noted that LR stands for Land Reforms (1955), and RS stands for Revisional Settlement (1962). Type in plot no. to learn about things pertaining to convertible land.

How do I calculate fees on the Jomir Tothya App?

To calculate the fee on the Jomir Tothya App, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Select the ‘Fee Information’ icon from the page for the service list.ย 

Step 2: Correctly type in the location – district, mouza, and block.

Step 3: Choose the type of service you want to use, whether mutation, conversion, or wild enrollment. Further essential information includes the plot number, Khatian number, and the purpose, which might be agricultural, residential, group housing, or commercial or industrial use. Please submit these details in order to calculate the cost.

How do I get officer details from the application?

Step 1: Once on the page for the service list, select ‘Officer details’.

Step 2: Go to the property’s location to identify the officer in charge of that site. You will receive an entire list of the police serving in the region, along with their complete contact information.

Monitor the Status of your Case Using the Jomir Tothya App!

If you want to track the status of your case while using the Jomir Tothya app, follow these steps:

Step 1: From the main interface, choose ‘Case Status’.

Step 2: Input the address of the property or land.

Step 3: To proceed, select ‘Case-wise search’ or ‘Deed-wise search’. You must provide the case number when performing a case-by-case search. To find relevant information for a deed-wise search, insert the deed number and year. The Jomir Tothya app will allow you to verify hearing notices, investigations, and mutations.

How do Download the Jomir Tothya App?

The process for downloading the Jomir Tothya application is fairly simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps, and you are good to go!ย 

Step 1: Go to โ€˜Google Playโ€™.

Step 2: Search for โ€˜Jomir Tothyaโ€™ on the search bar.

Step 3: Once you find the app, click on download.

Voila! You have the Jomir Tothya app with you! This app will enable you to find all the data pertaining to your land in one place!\


The digitalisation of West Bengal land records through the BanglarBhumi portal has significantly streamlined and improved the accessibility of land-related information. This modern approach allows landowners, potential buyers, and other stakeholders to easily view and manage land details online, which enhances transparency and efficiency in land transactions and management. Overall, the system is crucial for maintaining accurate and accessible land records in West Bengal, supporting legal land ownership and helping prevent disputes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I download a Jomir record?

You may check all of your land records in one place by going to Google Play and downloading the app or Jomir Tothya for PC.

How to apply for porcha in West Bengal?

You can use the Banglarbhumi app to apply for a porcha in West Bengal.

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