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Mira Road, Mumbai

Mira Road, Mumbai
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New Projects: ₹ 18 L - ₹ 3.63 Cr
1604 Projects Project in Mira Road
Buy: ₹ 12,850 Per Sq. Ft
Rent: ₹ 38 Per Sq. Ft
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About Mira Road, Mumbai

Mira Road is situated in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai. The Western Suburb precinct has localities like Andheri, Bandra, Goregaon, Malad, and Santa Cruz, to name a few, which are located on Salsette Island. Mira Road has a large Gujarati, North Indians and Marathi population. The area falls under Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation. 

Mira Road has many apartment options in 1 and 2 BHK apartments. There are over 2,000 properties for sale and over 400 available for rent. The locality has a high rating in terms of metro connectivity, road network, safety and security and is close to many employment hubs. Mira Road is an attractive location for many upcoming infrastructure projects. 

The average cost for an apartment is around ₹14,400 per square foot with a 6.3%  Y-o-Y change. Depending upon the apartment complex, the Y-o-Y change increases to 21%. The average rent for an apartment can range between ₹ 15,500 to ₹ 37,500 in Mira Road. 

Since the region's development, the real estate market has been at a constant high. The locality was developed post-independence. Largely an agricultural setup saw a colossal change in the late 1970s, with builders buying lands to build complexes and townships. Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation was established in June 1985 to monitor the new townships. 

Mira Road has seen massive development from a combination of agricultural land and salt-panned barren to a neighbourhood with extravagant residential, commercial and retail spaces. 

What’s Good in Mira Road, Mumbai? 

Mira Road has some of the biggest advantages for a locality in Mumbai. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Connectivity: Mira Road is well-weaved to the rest of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The upcoming metro line will further improve the connectivity of the locality. The closest railway station to the neighbourhood is Mira Road Railway Station. Mira Road is located adjacent to the Western Express Highway. 
  • Crime Rate: Mira Road is a safe and secure locality with a low crime rate. 
  • Recreational Area: Mira Road has many parks and recreational areas. 
  • Educational Institutes: The locality has several educational institutions like the famous St. Xavier’s High School, N.L Dalmia High School and P G Vora High School. 

What Can Be Better?

Mira Road also has some negative aspects about it. A few of them are mentioned below. 

  • Traffic congestion: the roads of the Mira Road locality can get very congested, especially during peak hours. This can make it difficult to get around and also be a source of pollution.
  • Waterlogging: Mira Road is prone to waterlogging during the infamous Mumbai monsoon season. This can make it difficult to get around, and it can also cause property damage. 
  • Pollution: Mira Road is a polluted neighbourhood with high air and noise pollution levels. This can be a health hazard, and it can also make it unpleasant to live in.
  • High cost of living: Mira Road is a relatively expensive area with high property prices and rents. This can make it difficult for people to afford to live in the area.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index in Mira Road, Mumbai

Mira Road is well-connected by roads with the Western Express Highway. This six-lane highway connects Mira Road to other parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, passing through it. Mira Road is connected to the Western Railway line, which connects the line to other parts of Mumbai, like Borivali, Dadar, and Churchgate. You can easily travel around the city of Mumbai via buses. The Mumbai Metro Line-2 (Dahisar-Andheri) is expected to be extended to Mira Road. The metro will provide a much-needed alternative to the Western Railway line and make getting around Mira Road and its surrounding areas easier. 

The neighbourhood has a collection of good schools, reputed hospitals, employment hubs and a constantly developing industrial area. The Mira- Bhayander Municipal Corporation has developed water and electricity provisions while paying special attention to sewage and sanitation issues. 

Social Infrastructure 

Mira Road boasts a well-developed social infrastructure that enriches the lives of its residents. The area is home to various educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and learning centres. You also benefit from healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities catering to your well-being. The community spirit thrives through various places of worship, such as temples, mosques, churches, and gurdwaras, fostering harmony among people of different backgrounds. Social cohesion is further strengthened by community centres and clubs that provide spaces for gatherings, cultural events, and recreational activities. Vardhaman Fantast, an amusement park, offers ample opportunities for fun with family and friends. 

Banks/Metro Station/Airport/Bus Terminals/Railway Stations/Park


  • Dena Bank
  • Vijaya Bank 
  • HDFC Bank
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Bank of Baroda 
  • UCO Bank

Metro Station

  • Anand Nagar Metro Station 
  • Kandarpada 
  • Dahisar (East)


  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Bus Terminals 

  • Ganga Compound 
  • Adarsh Balwadi 
  • Ghodbander Gaon Laxmi Baug Patil Wadi

Railway Stations 

  • Mira Road Railway Station 
  • Bhayander Railway Station


  • Jogger’s Park 
  • Nana Nani Park 
  • Vardhaman Fantasy Park 

Popular Roads in Mira Road, Mumbai

The most used roads in Mira Road are mentioned below. 

  • Western Express Highway: This major highway passes through Mira Road, providing easy access to other parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The Western Express Highway is a six-lane highway, making it a convenient and safe way to travel.
  • Mira-Bhayandar Road: This major road connects Mira Road to Bhayandar. The Mira-Bhayandar Road is a four-lane, well-maintained road that eases transportation in the area. 
  • Station Road: This major road runs through the heart of Mira Road. This road connects the neighbourhood to the railway station of the area. 

Nearby Localities/ Distance Calculators

Nearby localities of Mira Road with distance, commute time and cab fare are below. 


Distance (in Kilometres)

Commute Time

Cab Fare (₹)



55 minutes




10 minutes

120- 200



23 minutes




46 minutes




1 hour 8 minutes




1 hour 6 minutes


How People Rate Mira Road, Mumbai?

Mira Road is well-networked to other parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai by road, rail, and bus. the locality has a Good social infrastructure with several schools, hospitals, parks, and shopping malls. Mira Road is relatively affordable compared to most parts of Mumbai. On the other hand, Mira Road has a problem with traffic congestion, especially during peak hours since it is connected to the Western Express Highway. Due to this congestion, the neighbourhood has a poor air quality index and is a victim of noise pollution. Another negative aspect of the area is that few open spaces make the neighbourhood a bit congested. 

How to Visit Mira Road, Mumbai? 

The most convenient way to reach Mira Road is by air. The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. Upon arrival,  you have several options to get to Mira Road:

Taxi: Prepaid taxis and ride-hailing services like Uber and Ola are available. The journey to Mira Road takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic.

Airport Shuttle: Some hotels and travel agencies offer shuttle services to Mumbai locations, including Mira Road. Check-in advance for availability and schedules.

Road: Mira Road is well-connected to Mumbai through various roads and highways. If you're already in Mumbai or a nearby city, consider travelling by road:

Private Car: You can drive to Mira Road using GPS navigation or maps. The Western Express Highway (NH 8) is the main route that connects Mumbai to Mira Road.

Bus: Mumbai has an extensive network of public and private buses. Several buses run from different parts of Mumbai to Mira Road. Check with local bus operators or the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) for schedules and routes.

Train: Travelling by train is a popular and economical option to reach Mira Road, especially if you're coming from within Mumbai or nearby areas. Mira Road has its railway station on the Western line of the Mumbai suburban railway network. Board a local train heading towards Virar on the Western line and alight at Mira Road station. Trains run frequently, and the journey from Mumbai's Churchgate station to Mira Road takes around 40-50 minutes.

Places to Visit in Mira Road, Mumbai

If you want to conquer the epic outdoors around Mira Road, don’t forget to add the following places to your checklist. 

  • Essel World: A popular amusement park with thrilling rides and attractions, offering a day of fun and excitement for visitors of all ages.
  • Gorai Beach: A serene and picturesque beach known for its clean sands atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing getaway.
  • Kanheri Caves: Ancient Buddhist caves nestled amidst the Sanjay Gandhi National Park lush greenery, providing a glimpse into the region's rich historical and cultural heritage.
  • Vasai Fort: A historic fort with impressive architecture and scenic views, reflecting the area's colonial past and offering a great spot for photography enthusiasts.
  • Global Vipassana Pagoda: A magnificent pagoda showcasing the teachings of Vipassana meditation, surrounded by peaceful gardens, providing a serene and spiritually enriching experience.
  • Suraj Water Park: A well-known water park featuring exciting water slides and pools, perfect for a refreshing day out with friends and family during the hot summer months.

Locality Comparison

Mira Road, a bustling suburb in Mumbai, stands out among its neighbouring localities with its blend of modern amenities and relatively affordable cost of living. With its well-developed social infrastructure, Mira Road offers residents a plethora of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, and entertainment options. The area's accessibility is another advantage, as it is well-connected to major parts of Mumbai through the Western Express Highway and the Western Suburban railway network. Its residential areas, along with the nearby Gorai Beach, provide a balance between urban convenience and natural beauty. Compared to some of its neighbouring localities, it is an attractive destination for families and individuals seeking a vibrant yet peaceful environment to call home.

In contrast, neighbouring localities like Bhayander and Naigaon offer a more diverse real estate landscape, featuring a mix of older and newer developments. While these areas also provide essential amenities, they might not match the infrastructure and social facilities that Mira Road offers. Bhayander's proximity to the Arabian Sea gives it a coastal charm, but it may face higher property prices due to its perceived desirability. Naigaon, on the other hand, offers a more serene environment with its green surroundings and emerging infrastructure. However, its distance from the main city might be a consideration for those who require frequent access to central Mumbai. While neighbouring localities have their distinct appeal, Mira Road stands out as a well-rounded option for those seeking a comfortable and convenient lifestyle with a strong sense of community.


Mira Road emerges as a thriving and sought-after locality within Mumbai's northern suburbs. Its strategic location and excellent connectivity to major areas offer residents the best of both worlds – a peaceful residential setting combined with easy access to the city's bustling hubs. The well-developed social infrastructure, comprising educational institutions, healthcare facilities, places of worship, and community centres, fosters its residents' sense of belonging and comfort. Mira Road's real estate landscape presents diverse housing options, making it appealing to a wide spectrum of homebuyers. Its relative affordability compared to neighbouring localities further adds to its allure. Moreover, recreational spots like parks, shopping centres, and nearby attractions like Gorai Beach add to the area's charm, making it an ideal destination for families and individuals seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. As the area continues to evolve and grow, Mira Road shows immense potential for future development, potentially witnessing more infrastructural enhancements like expanded transportation options and increased commercial avenues. Mira Road is a promising and dynamic community, making it a promising choice for those looking to settle in a vibrant and well-connected neighbourhood in Mumbai's bustling city.

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Why Should You Invest in Mira Road, Mumbai?

What’s Great About Mira Road
  • The locality has good railway and road connectivity to all parts of Mumbai
  • The locality has one of the best schools in the whole neighborhood ranging from government schools to IB Schools as well
  • The locality has some good Multi Speciality hospitals and a jumbo covid care center as well
  • The locality has many good parks such as Pleaseant Park, Ramdev Park, Vardhaman Fantasy, etc.
  • The Sunday market near the locality station is quite famous for its low price commodities
What’s Not Great About Mira Road
  • Towards Thane, the roads are quite narrow which causes congestion
  • There is no fish market in this locality
  • There are no 5-star restaurants in the locality
  • There are no vet clinics at a walking distance 
  • Air pollution is a major issue in the locality

How to Visit Mira Road, Mumbai?

Mira Road Mumbai
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Mira Road Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
Hospital Near by Mira Road
Hotel Near by Mira Road
Business Hub Near by Mira Road
Shopping Center Near by Mira Road

Social Infrastructure Nearby Mira Road, Mumbai

School Nearby Mira Road, Mumbai
  • Queen Marys High School
  • Us Ostwal English School
  • Nl Dalmia High School
  • Holy Cross Convent School
  • Bright International School
  • Toddlers Pre Primary School
  • Rahul International School
  • Pg Vora High School
  • Indian High School
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidyalaya
+ (8) more
Hospital Nearby Mira Road, Mumbai
  • Orange Hospital
  • Seven Eleven Hospital
  • Deepak Hospital
  • The Umrao Hospital
  • Farids Hospital
  • Badrivishal Hospital
  • Sheth Pv Doshi Hospital
  • Vipassana Hospital
  • Family Care Hospitals
  • Shiv Om Hospital
+ (8) more
Hotel Nearby Mira Road, Mumbai
  • GCC Northside Hotel
  • Seasons Hotel
+ (1) more
Business Hub Nearby Mira Road, Mumbai
  • CR Arcade
12 Ratings
  • 5 Star 5
  • 4 Star 5
  • 3 Star 0
  • 2 Star 0
  • 1 Star 2
What’s good
  • Near Metro or Good Public Transport
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
  • Safe at Night with Well Lit Streets
  • Lots of Green Areas & Parks
What’s Bad
  • Water Logging & Sewage Disposal Problems
  • Scarcity of Public Transport
  • No Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
  • Limited or no Green Areas & Parks
Ratings & Reviews of Mira Road, Mumbai View All
bhagwati pandey

Very good ,fresh air , free hold land, very good connectivity of road, wide roads ,big mall , and hospitals are their in the locality

Shyamalika Kohli

I have been living here in this place in my own house with my family. This place is clean and natural with all facilities available. Good hospitals, public or private schools, colleges, and various kinds of shops are available here. This place is well connected with other parts of the city by road. There is no metro connectivity for this reason people can't avoid the traffic jams. Read More

Shankari Modi

I have been living here as a tenant in a house. This place has all the facilities to live in for all kinds of people, single or with family. This place is quite well maintained by the BMC. Schools, colleges, parks, bus stops, stations, and clinics are nearby this location. During the rainy season, gutters overflow and create an unhygienic situation.

Rupika Mangal
Former resident

I had been living here for 7 years as a tenant with my family. This place has all kinds of basic amenities like schools, colleges, local shops, clinics, and medicine shops nearby. The pollution rate is low in this place and the security is good enough. The water supply and electricity supply are good in this place. The train station is nearby the place and has the facility of good transport. There are enough parks and these are well-maintained by the authorities. Read More

Sunita Deshmukh

I have been living here for 7 years with my family in my own house with all kinds of basic amenities. This place has good connectivity with all types of transport. The environment is good in this place with all types of daily necessities available. Public transport like buses and auto can be availed by everyone. The roads are clean and well maintained and environment friendly. The local people are charming and welcoming in nature. Read More

People also Asked About Mira Road

  • Is mira road a good place to live?
    Nishtha Grover Answered: 06 July 2023
    Mira Road is a very good place to live in Mumbai, and is improving steadily, with its wide and uncluttered roads, good civic infrastructure, and high safety levels. There are several residential and other projects in Mira Road along with good social amenities as well. Read More
  • Is mira road a good area in mumbai?
    Ishta Modi Answered: 06 July 2023
    Mira Road has evolved into one of the best places to live in Mumbai, offering good connectivity and wide roads lined with trees and other greenery. It also has several social amenities and civic infrastructure is also decent here. The property prices in Mira Road are also comparatively affordable than many other locations in Mumbai. Read More
  • Why is it called mira road?
    Swapan Haldar Answered: 05 July 2023
    The name derives from the Mira Gram Panchayat. This was integrated into the Mira Bhayander Municipal Council, that was founded on 12th June, 1985, by merging five such Gram Panchayats. Hence, the area was named as Mira Road. Read More
  • Is mira road costly?
    Priyamvada Dubey Answered: 04 July 2023
    Mira Road is not that costly as compared to several localities in Mumbai. However, the property prices are on an upswing with continued residential development in the area. Average property prices in Mira Road usually hover between Rs. 8,000-16,000 per sq ft. in the area. Read More
  • Is mira road developing?
    Ratnali Iyer Answered: 05 July 2023
    The entire Mira Road-Bhayander stretch has been developing rapidly over the last few years, with several connectivity and infrastructural improvements. Real estate development has progressed swiftly in the entire belt, with several premium projects coming up here. Read More
  • What is the future of mira road?
    Utpal Datta Answered: 04 July 2023
    Mira Road has a bright future according to property and development experts, considering its strategic location and the fast pace of residential development in the area. The area is continually witnessing upgrades in its roads, civic amenities, and other social infrastructure. Hence, it is a great place to invest now, when property prices are still within reach for many buyers. Read More
  • Why is mira road famous in mumbai?
    Nishar Bawa Answered: 06 July 2023
    Mira Road is a major residential and commercial destination today. It is famous for being home to several salt pans in the past. It has also been famous for its mangroves. It is a peaceful and tranquil area with trees and ample greenery. Read More
  • Is mira road urban or rural?
    Elakshi Khanna Answered: 04 July 2023
    Mira Road is an urban locality and a part of Mumbai's Western Suburbs and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Read More

Demand in Mira Road, Mumbai

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
Builder Floor
Independent House
1 RK
1.5 BHK
2.5 BHK
3.5 BHK
Below 50 L
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
Above 5 Cr.

Supply in Mira Road, Mumbai

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
Builder Floor
Independent House
1 RK
1.5 BHK
2.5 BHK
3.5 BHK
Below 50 L
50 L - 2 Cr.
2 Cr. - 5 Cr.
Above 5 Cr.
Hot Selling Projects in Mira Road, Mumbai
Vihang Luxuria in Mira Road, Mumbai
Vihang Luxuria Mira Road, Mumbai
72.00 Lac to 1.20 Cr
JP North in Mira Road, Mumbai
JP North Mira Road, Mumbai
₹ 17,664 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
JP Codename Hotcake in Mira Road, Mumbai
JP Codename Hotcake Mira Road, Mumbai
₹ 17,664 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
Kalpataru Srishti in Mira Road, Mumbai
Kalpataru Srishti Mira Road, Mumbai
₹ 15,277 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
Origin Wisteria Square in Mira Road, Mumbai
Origin Wisteria Square Mira Road, Mumbai
₹ 10,958 Per Sq. Ft Onwards
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Top Real Estate Experts in Mira Road, Mumbai
Dhanaji Bharat Thanke Mumbai, Maharashtra
Dhanaji Bharat Thanke
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 11 Years Experience
  • 43 Transactions
  • Speaks: English,Hindi,Marathi
  • Verified Transactions: 43
Navnath Ratan Jagdale Mumbai, Maharashtra
Navnath Ratan Jagdale
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 17 Years Experience
  • 41 Transactions
  • Speaks: English,Hindi,Marathi
  • Verified Transactions: 41
Devarshi Subodh Patil
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 3 Years Experience
  • 29 Transactions
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  • Verified Transactions: 29
Abhay Subhash Ghadi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Abhay Subhash Ghadi
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 17 Years Experience
  • 28 Transactions
  • Speaks: English,Hindi,Marathi
  • Verified Transactions: 28
Yogesh Bapu Ghadigaonkar
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 12 Years Experience
  • 28 Transactions
  • Speaks: English,Hindi,Marathi
  • Verified Transactions: 28
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