Punjab Government Eliminates NOC Requirement In “Abadi Deh” Land Sales

The Punjab government has made a significant decision regarding land transactions in the state, stating that no No Objection Certificates (NOCs) will be required for the sale of land in “Abadi deh” areas. This announcement comes as a relief for landowners and potential buyers in these regions. In a recent directive issued by the Department of Revenue, Relief, and Resettlement, deputy commissioners were informed about instances where sub-registrars were asking for NOCs during land deed registrations, even in areas designated as “Abadi deh.” The department clarified that these areas do not fall under planned urban zones, which exempts them from the provisions of the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act. Consequently, the requirement for NOCs is deemed unnecessary in “Abadi deh” regions.

Simplifying Land Transactions

The decision to remove the NOC requirement aims to streamline land transactions and simplify the process, thereby reducing the bureaucratic hurdles faced by landowners and potential buyers. Before this directive, the involvement of NOCs had led to confusion among stakeholders, causing delays and complications during land sales. It is important to note that “Abadi deh” zones refer to areas that are not part of planned urban settlements. These regions often consist of agricultural lands, where residential settlements have gradually developed over time. Considering that these areas fall outside the purview of planned urbanization, it is logical to exempt them from regulations that are specifically targeted towards urban properties.

Eliminating Confusion and Ambiguity

The move to clarify the status of “Abadi deh” areas and exclude them from the NOC requirement is a significant step towards eliminating confusion and ambiguity surrounding land transactions. Stakeholders can now proceed with confidence, knowing that they do not need an additional NOC when buying or selling land situated in such zones. By creating a clearer distinction between urban and non-urban areas in terms of regulatory requirements, the Punjab government has demonstrated its commitment to promoting efficient land transactions, boosting the real estate sector and facilitating economic growth in the state.


The Punjab government’s decision to waive the NOC requirement for land sales in “Abadi deh” zones is a welcome relief for landowners and potential buyers. This step will not only simplify the land transaction process but also save stakeholders from unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Moreover, the move clarifies the status of “Abadi deh” areas, exempting them from regulations that are meant for planned urban zones. The government’s effort to eliminate confusion and ambiguity ensures smoother land transactions while bolstering the real estate sector and promoting economic development in Punjab.

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