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What is Solar Rooftop System?

Solar rooftop system functions with photovoltaic cells that absorbs solar energy creating electricity for residential and commercial purposes. It keeps a real-time count on energy consumption, including the extra energy produced through a solar lab report for a sustainable operation. It has low maintenance costs and has 25 years of warranty.

Benefits of going Solar Panels

The tons of quality we offer handles the whole process of the installation formalities and also the procurement. We handle the major solar system installation work, such as government approval, aesthetic design, flawless engineering and a pocket-friendly method, so you get a complete package of advantages. Let us check out each benefit that you can find nowhere else.

Attractive Returns

Turn on the Smart Energy-Saving Mode

Smart Homes

Solar System that Functions on Smart Efficiency Modules

Engineered for Durability

Get a Hot Dip Galvanised Solar Rooftop

Easy Financing

Our Cost-Effective Team knows Your Potential Needs

Designed for Luxury

Enjoy a STAAD PRO Certified Structured Solar Power

Savings on Electricity Bill

Get Habituated of Low Electricity Bill with Smart Solar Panels.

How Solar Panel Installation Works?

Our engineering perfectly promotes solar power Generation, examining the installation spot and finding the best solar system for your space for excellent performance. The different types of solar panel work in the same method of absorbing the sunlight and converting it into electrical energy. What all it holds as a difference, let us learn below.


We believe in understanding your solar energy needs

Site Survey

Our end-to-end analysis for the suitable installation


We integrate an aesthetic design for your solar rooftop

Permissions & Financing

Sample testing solar panel for pocket-friendly Installation

Installation & Commissioning

Quality check techniques to produce conventional solar energy

Service Support

We are the biggest OEM service with real-time accessibility

Our Trusted Solar Partner

One-stop shop for all Solar Rooftop Needs

Fenice Energy is India's leading solar installation company, and we provide solar solutions to residential and commercial complexes in 100+ cities across India. Be it design, execution, installation, and maintenance – Fenice Energy takes the responsibility of delivering an end-to-end solar solution. With 20 years of experience, we can provide robust solar systems built on advanced technology to ensure higher, consistent power generation.

Our Solar Solutions for your Needs

The types of solar panels we offer as per you suitable space and needs.

Contact our Solar Experts!
Contact our Solar Experts!

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Our Delivered Projects

We worked on projects considering quality check installation, accuracy in angle & heights. Of course, perfection in beauty is not even compromised.

Why We are the Best?

We are India’s most trusted brand in solar panels and operate in more than 100 cities. We never go off duty as we provide the round-the-clock service with a cost-effective solar panel set-up for superior performance.

Guaranteed Performance
on Installation

We offer 25 years of warranty on our Solar Power Generator


Our solar system is designed to impress and function to secure.

24*7 Service

We care for you before and after installation.

Smart Tracking in

Download Fenice Energy App to track your solar power anytime, from anywhere.

Pocket-caring with
EMI Approach

Install India’s affordable solar system with easy EMI and other payment options.


Reviews from our customers

Type of Solar Rooftop System

Let’s find which solar panel type best fits you, as every house has a different structure and needs special attention.

  • Grid-linked Solar Rooftop PV System: This solar system works on a plant linked with a network or framework via a meter system that counts on energy consumed with no backup bank.
  • Off-grid Solar Panel: This solar system has no framework formula but a battery bank. It is said to be perfect for remote or rural areas.
  • Hybrid Plant Solar System: This type of solar system produces solar energy with a backup facility that can help during power failure situations.

Documents Required for Solar Panel Installation

Your Documentation, Our Approval Responsibility. Get ready with the papers below, and we will perform all the hustle without further delays.

Residential Purposes:
  • Fill out an application form including all important information.
  • Attach Two Electricity Bills.
  • Attach House Tax Bill/Property Card/ Index II/Rent Agreement/ Society NOC/BU Permit
  • Attach Joint Declaration of Non-EAs.
Commercial Purposes:
  • Fill out an application form including all important information.
  • Attach Two Electricity Bills.
  • Attach Property Card/Index II/Rent Agreement/ Society NOC/BU Permit
  • Proof of Registration Certificate/Partnership Deed/MOA
  • Attach Proof of Broad Resolution attested by authority for a proposed project.

Installation Requirements for Solar Rooftop

Things we never skip for impressive installation regardless of the efforts it demands our flawless customer experience. We examine the location and make necessary changes to support the overall setup.

Residential Purposes:
  • Mandatory Inspection by Professionals- A quick and in-depth analysis of the maximum sunlight receiving spot, the width of a solar rooftop, the type of solar panel and an accurate height.
  • Correct Tilt Angle Decision- The right angle for a Solar System Installation is a must to establish in every house considering maximum sunlight gaining roof at 20 degrees in North and 10 degrees in South India.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of a rooftop solar system?

Every solar panel are designed as per the building location and suitability that may vary from place to place. It needs an expert involvement to personalize the best solar system for a location and hence, no exact cost can be figured out.

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