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Get a comprehensive Valuation Report of any property

Valuation Report

Our valuation report meticulously analyzes diverse factors to reveal the genuine market value of your property, offering invaluable insights for informed decision-making and maximizing investment potential.

Find out the value of any residential property

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Primary Data (Developers Supply)
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Govt. Registration Records (IGR Record)
Up-to-date mapping of 20 million+ Govt Registered transactions
Property Listings (Resale/Rental)
Most comprehensive listing data of 1 million+ properties
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate Desktop Valuation of property?

The value of a property valuation is decided by several criteria, including its location, size, and whether it is a land, building, apartment, or office space.

Which cities/states do we cover for the valuation?

Market Valuation Report is provided PAN India locations. Each report request has to be made separately for each property/ assets.

Can I use a valuation report for legal purposes/ for approval of bank loan?

No, the desktop valuation report is not considered in Court of Law, Bank, etc. Generally, any institutes like Banks, NBFCs or any government Organizations requires the Certified Market Valuation Report.

Who can make the request for the Market Valuation Report?

Any individual, businesses or organizations looking to indulge into the transaction of the property like Sale, Lease, Purchase etc.

What is the type of properties one can conduct the physical valuation report?

A Physical Valuation Report can be extracted for all asset classes like Residential, Commercial, Lands, Industrial & Warehouses and Retail Shops.

How long does it take to receive a Market Valuation Report?

The Market Valuation Report is delivered typically between 2-4 business days from the date we receive the required information/ documents/ details of the property.

What Is A Property Valuation Report?

Simply looking at a property is not enough to evaluate exactly how much a property is worth. Worlds rotate between what is left desired between what you see and what is anyway. Numbers help bring a perspective beyond the sentimental and give what in the real estate business is crucial for better investments, and they offer value.

Property Valuation reports are important for prospective buyers, sellers or any investors across the real estate territory looking to make a profit in the industry. The following guide details property valuation reports significance and importance when indulging in the market. From decoding the methodologies used to determine market value to exploring the impact on negotiations, financing, and investment strategies, Valuation reports highlight the true worth of properties.

What Is A Valuation Report?

A property valuation report is a comprehensive document that provides an expert assessment of the current market value of a property. It is typically prepared by qualified and impartial industry professionals specialising in evaluating real estate. The primary purpose of a property valuation report is to determine the fair and accurate market value of a property at a specific point in time.

This value is based on various factors, including the property's location, size, condition, features, and recent sales of comparable properties. The report considers both objective data and the valuer's professional judgment. Key components of a property valuation report typically include complete property details like its size, layout, address and local area analysis of the neighbourhood. The market analysis highlights comparable sales listing similar properties that have previously sold in the market.

Why Do You Need a Valuation Report?

Valuation reports serve various purposes, with the primary focus often revolving around property financing, whether securing a mortgage or refinancing an existing one. Additionally, buyers and sellers frequently seek valuation reports to determine the property's fair market value. It's the key to unravelling the enigmatic world of property valuation, where numbers meet narratives and where the value of a home transcends its mere bricks and mortar.

Typically, a valuation process evaluates the demand, utility, scarcity and transferability of the property. It entails a licensed valuer physically visiting the property to assess its market value comprehensively. This assessment includes a thorough inspection of the property, a review of its title and neighbourhood, and an analysis of recent comparable property sales in the area.

Importance of a Valuation Report

There are numerous compelling reasons to have your property professionally valued. Whether you seek to establish a competitive and equitable price for your property or need precise calculations for various taxes, a property valuation empowers you to make informed decisions and ensures accuracy in all property-related matters.

For Buying or Selling a Property:

It is important that you understand the complete value of a property before you can offer it up on the market. A comprehensive assessment helps ensure better chances of real estate transactions.

To Rent a Property:

Valuation reports help evaluate a property's fair and competitive prices if you are looking for tenants. You will have to provide an accurate cost to your possible tenants. The suitable rent is usually 6-10% of the estimated price of the property.

To Mortgage a property:

A buyer seeking a loan against the property as security will need the correct estimation of the property's value. The estimated price of the property considerably influences the amount of the loan.

To Transfer a property:

If an individual wants to transfer their property to someone else, they must estimate its value first. The worth of the property will decide the stamp duty.

For taxation purposes:

There are various taxes on property like wealth tax, vacant land tax, ground rent tax, property tax, municipal tax, etc., which are to be paid to the various government departments. While calculating these taxes, the estimated value of the property is considered.

Compulsory Acquisition:

If an individual or organisation declares bankruptcy, their properties can be acquired. In such cases, its valuation is done before acquiring or auctioning the property. This helps to determine factors like the base price for the auction.

Types of Valuation Reports

Undertaken by Certified Practising Valuer (CPV), property valuation reports differ as per the buyer you are and the type of property being valued.

The Red Book Valuations

The most common form of property valuation is residential property valuation. These include inspection, investigation, analysis, definition, justification, and property presentation. All documentation and procedures associated with audits, valuations, and opinions must align with the 2017 RICS Global Standard. Once housed in a distinctive red ring binder, this handbook has historically earned the nickname Red Book, which has endured over time.

Property Valuations for the Deceased

The probate process is a legal procedure for handling the assets of a deceased person. Typically, executors are appointed to fulfil the deceased individual's intentions as outlined in their will. The value of the deceased's assets is estimated by calculating properties, cash in the banks, stocks, shares, vehicles and more. Any outstanding debts are subtracted from the total amount, determining the inheritance taxes owed.

Property Valuations For Couples

Matrimonial valuations are an important type of valuation report and generally come into play during divorce or separation proceedings. These valuations serve as a basis for the court to determine the equitable division of assets. In cases where divorcing couples or their legal representatives agree on a valuer, they jointly instruct the valuer, who then issues a report directly to the divorce court.

Staircasing Valuations

Staircasing allows buyers to increase their ownership stake in the home over time gradually. As you acquire more shares in your property, your rental payments to your housing group decrease. Upon reaching 100% ownership, you become the outright owner and are no longer required to pay rent.

During the staircase process, shares in the property are sold at their current market value without factoring in any improvements for which your landlord has granted consent. Therefore, obtaining an up-to-date, impartial valuation is crucial to establishing a fair market price for the shares you wish to purchase. This valuation ensures a transparent and equitable transaction as you progress towards fully owning your home.

Commercial Property Valuations

Much like 'Red Book' valuations for personal assets, obtaining periodic 'Red Book' valuations for commercial properties is paramount. These valuations are essential for staying well-informed about your property's value and making strategic decisions.

How Do You Prepare A Valuation Report?

A thorough property valuation report includes details on the type of property, its landscape and the real estate market position.

Here are a few basics to remember when estimating a valuation report:

Property Overview

This includes ensuring that the complete specifics about the property are included, from the raw materials used during construction to the complete property design. A property overview must contain the type of property, whether a flat or a house, the surrounding neighbourhood around the property, construction year, location, quality of the infrastructure, the condition of the property at present, additional amenities in the structure and other details.

Neighbourhood Overview

This should highlight the property's strategic location and its advantages and drawbacks, if any. A neighbourhood overview should include accessibility to commute options, restaurants, hospitals and other amenities. This can also include the safety of the neighbourhood and details of the clean surroundings. The transportation advantage has the potential to generate a substantial increase in property value. The extent of this price differential primarily hinges on the areas that benefit from efficient transportation services and the overall economic well-being of the region.

Market Overview

The real estate market overview is a crucial part of the valuation report. It offers valuable insights into the state of the surrounding real estate landscape, including specific assessments and broader market dynamics. This will include comparing the properties with a similar property in the market and setting a bracket for the value. This benchmark helps gauge the competitiveness of your property's pricing. The overview also includes insights on whether the market is more beneficial for sellers or buyers.

Value The Gains

Property valuation reports help bring transparency to property dealings. They can help you convince sellers of your market awareness and increase your chances of securing the best price for a property. All this in optimal time, with quick and reliable numbers. Property valuation costs are reasonable across the market landscape, and you can take an unskippable step when stepping into the market. Property valuation reports are an indispensable tool in the real estate industry. Whether determining the fair market value, assessing tax implications, or negotiating a deal, property valuation reports are insights into a property's worth. So, whether you're a homeowner, a real estate professional, or an investor, the importance of property valuation reports cannot be overstated in ensuring successful dealings.


Krishna Raja (Sales Manager) - 4.3/5

Square Yards helped me to accurately estimate the right price for my house without any hassle. The team was very professional and understood market insights in thorough detail. Highly recommend!

Murtuza Azib (Journalist) - 4/5

I was stressing about the whole property valuation thing for a while, but then Square Yards helped take much of the burden off. I have been extremely satisfied with the report and valuation. It included all the possible details and helped me estimate a market-competitive price.

Rohana Akhtar (Sales) - 3.9/5

Before putting my property on the market, I couldn't help but feel like a fish out of the water. But Square Yards' diligent team helped me easily navigate the complete process. I could soon put my home on the market and found interested parties quickly.

Shubhojit Agrawal (Lawyer) - 4/5

Understanding legal contracts. How complicated they can be, I wanted a professional team who could offer a detailed valuation for a property I had my eyes on for a while. I found the perfect fit through Square Yards; their team was accommodating. Suppose you are looking to get in the market. In that case, I highly recommend Square Yards

Surbhi Ligga (Designer) - 3.7/5

Skiping over some reports and extended process delays. Square Yards was a great choice for real estate valuation reports. Except for some delays through the legal process, Square Yards was the best choice for any litigation issues. Their team was persistent and well-structured, making the process easy for me to comprehend. When the case went to court, they gave me real mental support and helped me navigate it confidently.

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