Vastu for Rented House: Check these Vastu Remedies before Moving into Renting House

Vastu for Rented House

Vastu Shastra is an ancient way of structuring and designing houses for a happy and prosperous environment. However, the trend has shifted from buying to renting houses. When renting a house, we are limited to renovating; however, following Vastu for rented houses, we can bring in balance and auspicious beginnings.

This blog will teach you about the essential vastu remedies for rented houses. These remedies will help you attract positivity and composure without making big changes to your household. Let’s learn about the significance and practical tips of vastu for rented houses.

Significance of Vastu for Rented House

Vastu heavily influences the aura of a house, and its significance is strong, especially in Indian households. Applying vastu remedies for rented houses elevates positive energy flow, stimulates well-being, and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Enhanced Well-being: Vastu can help create a balanced environment promoting mental and physical well-being, especially in rented properties.
  2. Balanced Living: Applying Vastu principles ensures that the energy flow in a rented apartment is balanced, which can reduce conflicts and increase happiness among the residents.
  3. Financial Stability: Certain vastu remedies for rented houses can attract financial assets without permanent structural changes.
  4. Stress Reduction: According to Vastu, a well-arranged home can lower stress levels, which is vital in a rental setting where options for changes are limited.

Vastu Tips for Rental House :

10 Vastu Key Points to Remember When Moving into a Rented Home

While shifting to a new house, we look for all the facilities, amenities, and essentials nearby. However, when moving to a rented house, we often overlook the Vastu aspects. When we realise the adverse effects, it’s often too late to address the issues. 

Here are 10 Vastu checkpoints to remember before moving to a rented property:

  1. Vastu remedies for rented houses only work for the place occupied by the tenant.
  2. The kitchen should be ideally located in the south-east or north-west direction.
  3. The direction of the house should be in the same direction as your face while leaving the house.
  4. Shoe-racks and toilets should not be in the north-east direction.
  5. Avoid houses with entrances from the south, southeast, and southwest directions.
  6. The shape of rented houses should be square or rectangular.
  7. Avoid houses with any cuts and extensions in any direction.
  8. The main entrance of the house should be in the direction of north-east, north-west, east, north and west.
  9. The south-west direction is best suited for master bedrooms.
  10. When moving to a duplex home, avoid staircases in the northeast direction.

Auspicious Days for House Shifting in 2024

The best days with timings for shifting to a house are mentioned below:

Dates Day Muharat 
April 4, 2024 Wednesday 6:29 pm – 9:47 pm
November 2, 2024 Saturday 5:58 am – 6:35 am
November 4, 2024 Monday 6:35 am – 8:04 am
November 7, 2024 Thursday  12:34 am – 6:38 am
November 8, 2024 Friday 6:38 am – 12:03 pm
November 13, 2024 Wednesday 1:01 pm – 3:11 am
November 16, 2024 Saturday 7:28 am – 6:45 am
November 18, 2024 Monday 6:46 am – 3:49 pm
November 25, 2024 Monday 6:52 am – 1:24 am
December 5, 2024 Thursday  12:49 pm – 5:26 pm
December 11, 2024 Wednesday 7:04 am – 11:48 am
December 21, 2024 Saturday 6:14 am – 7:10 am
December 25, 2024 Wednesday 07:12 am – 03:22 pm

Optimal Direction For the Main Door of Your Rented House

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of a house is an important part as it is the entry point for positive and negative energies. The optimal direction for the main door depends on several aspects, including the positioning of the house and the date of birth of the tenant. The northeast is the perfect direction for the main door, also known as the Ishanya or Eshan corner. This direction is directly connected with prosperity, positivity, and good health.

Avoid placing the main door in the southwest direction, as it is believed to invite negative energies and problems into the house. South-east and south directions are less favourable for the main door. The main door should be well-lit and welcoming, as it attracts positive energy. It should open clockwise and be cleared of any obstructions or clutter.

Correcting Vastu Doshas Without Structural Changes

Vastu doshas can affect your daily livelihood and elevate the flow of negative energies. To prevent all these circumstances, here are vastu tips for rental houses to correct doshas without any major changes:

Perform Puja: Navagrah shanti puja, Ganesh puja, and Vastu Purush puja should be conducted to appease celestial bodies and Vastu deities for harmony and fortune.

Symbolic Gestures: Creating the symbols of Shubh-Labh and Swastika with kumkum and rice on the main entrance of your rented house welcomes positive energies and blessings.

Placement of Idol: To increase the vastu energy of your space, place the idol of Vastu Purusha along with copper wire, powla, pearl, or a silver snake wrapped in a red cloth and bury it in the ground facing the East direction.

Peace Rituals: Perform Shantipath, Navachandi yagya, or Agnihotra yagya to bring peace and harmony to your rental house. These rituals can help remove negative energies and bring in positivity.

Clearing Negative Energies From Your Rental Home

Eliminating negative energies from your house is important because it disturbs the positive energy flow. Vastu remedies for rented houses help balance space for the free flow of positive energy. Here are some vastu tips for a rental house to remove negative energies:

  1. Include flowers and plants in your home to elevate positivity and freshen the air.
  2. Regularly mop your floors with salt water to clear them of negative energies and foster a sense of cleanliness.
  3. Using incense sticks or room fresheners can create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Playing peaceful music or divine songs in the morning helps create a calm aura.
  5. Check all the clocks in your home regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. Working clocks are thought to symbolise the passage of time, which affects the movement of energy.
  6. Renting homes with balconies in the southwest direction is considered inauspicious in Vastu.
  7. Look for rectangular or square houses, as these shapes are believed to promote harmony and stability.
  8. Avoid homes with southeast, south, and southwest entrances, as these are considered unfavourable in Vastu.
  9. If renting a duplex house, ensure the staircase is not in the northeast direction, as this can disrupt the flow of positive energy.
  10. Keep an idol or photo of Maa Saraswati in the northeast direction to enhance knowledge, wisdom, and creativity in your home.


Applying Vastu remedies for rented houses can be simple and effective, increasing positive energy flow and creating a harmonious living space. By blending practices such as adding greenery, cleansing with salt water, and ensuring pleasant smells, you can uplift the environment of your home. Additionally, keeping the house well-lit, placing ancestral photos carefully, and ensuring cleanliness are important for a Vastu-compliant environment. These remedies can easily fit into your daily routine, enhancing your home’s energy and aesthetics.


Q1. Does Vastu affect tenants or owners?

Ans: Vastu principles affect tenants and owners, influencing their well-being and success. Adhering to Vastu guidelines can create a harmonious living environment for tenants and enhance the property’s value for owners.

Q2. Which direction should the main door face in a rented home?

Ans: The main door should face northeast, also known as the Ishanya or Eshan corner. This direction is directly connected with prosperity, positivity, and good health.

Q3. Is Griha Pravesh necessary for a rented home?

Ans: Griha Pravesh is mainly performed for newly owned houses, but you can also perform this ceremony for rented homes, as it will only increase the household’s happiness and fortune.

Q4. According to Vastu, where should the workstation be in a rented home?

Ans: According to Vastu, work station should be in the north or east direction to enhance productivity.

Q5. What are the days of the week to avoid house shifting?

Ans: One should avoid house shifting on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Q6. Is a south-facing flat good on rent?

Ans: According to Vastu, the south-facing flats are less considered due to heat and energy, but according to some preferences, they can be acceptable.

Q7. Which floor number is good, as per Vastu?

Ans: There is no universally good or bad floor number, as every floor has its significance.

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