Vastu for Marriage: Magic Vastu Tips for Swift Unions and Lasting Love

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Marriages are made in heaven? Adding a bit of vastu to your marriage can make it even better. Vastu tips to get married soon come from ancient wisdom and can help make your relationship strong and long-lasting. We have curated a list of Vastu Shastra for Marriage tips so you and your partner can have a happier life together. From building love and respect to creating abundance and understanding, Vastu sets the stage for a positive and growing partnership.

Top 5 Vastu Tips for Marriage: Enhance Your Relationship

Vastu tips for marriage can help strengthen your relationship. Simple changes in your home layout or bedroom arrangement can promote love and understanding between partners. Following these tips can enhance harmony and happiness in your married life.

1. Ideal Bedroom Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, newlyweds should place their bedroom in the southwest direction of the home. This direction is considered best for stability and harmony in relationships. The bed should have a solid headboard and be placed against the southwest wall. Avoid positioning the bed directly under a beam or facing the bedroom door. Keeping the bedroom clutter-free is important for positive energy.

2. Vastu Guidelines for Kitchen Positioning

In Vastu Shastra, the placement of the kitchen is important, especially for newlyweds starting a new home. The kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner of the house, as this is considered the ‘Agni’ (fire) direction and is associated with positive energy. The northwest corner is also a good option if this isn’t possible.

3. Perfect Bedroom Wall Colors for Positive Vibes

According to Vastu Shastra, the best bedroom colors for newlyweds are soft shades like pink, peach, or light red. These colors create a warm, loving atmosphere that enhances the relationship. Soft hues of green can also work well, symbolizing growth and harmony.

Avoid dark or dull shades, which can cause stress and affect the couple’s bond. White and off-white tones are neutral choices that promote peace and calmness. Ensure the bedroom is in the southwest direction for stability and positive energy. Following these principles can make the bedroom peaceful and loving, providing good Vastu shastra for marriage.

4. Decorating Your Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, creating a peaceful, harmonious space is important when decorating a bedroom for newlyweds. The bedroom should be in the home’s southwest corner, as this direction is believed to bring stability and strengthen the relationship. The bed should be placed so that the head points south or west while sleeping, promoting restful sleep and good health. Soft, warm colors like light pink or beige are recommended to encourage love and positivity.

Don’t keep a single identified decoration item, such as a horse or bird statue. Keep such items in pairs. Deity idols should be avoided in the bedrooms. The couple’s photo should be hung in the west direction of the room.

5. Lighting Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

Bedroom lighting plays a significant role in Vastu Shastra for newlyweds. According to Vastu shastra for marriage, soft and warm lighting creates a peaceful and positive atmosphere. It’s best to avoid bright, glaring lights, as they can cause stress. Instead, opt for soft bedside lamps to promote intimacy and relaxation. Placing the bed in the southwest corner and having lamps on either side is ideal.

Avoid overhead lights directly above the bed, as this can disturb sleep. Natural light is also important; ensure windows allow morning sunlight into the room. Consider adding scented candles or dimmable lights to encourage harmony and love for a soothing effect. These Vastu tips to get married soon can help create a positive and harmonious environment, strengthening the bond between newlyweds and supporting a happy married life.

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Five Colors for a Positive and Joyful Life

In Vastu Shastra, specific colors are believed to promote a happy married life. For newlyweds, these five colors are often recommended:

  • Green: Symbolizing harmony and balance, green brings peace and promotes understanding between partners. It’s linked to growth and renewal, which are essential for a new marriage.
  • Pink: Pink is a gentle and soothing shade for love and romance. It inspires affection and warmth, fostering positive feelings.
  • Yellow: This bright color represents joy and positivity. It can create a cheerful atmosphere and improve communication, supporting a healthy relationship.
  • Orange: Known for its energizing properties, orange brings enthusiasm and joy into a marriage. It encourages optimism and vitality.
  • White: Symbolizing purity and tranquility, white promotes peace and clarity of mind. It helps maintain a calm and harmonious environment.

Vastu for Marriage: Things to Stay Away From

Vastu shastra for marriage says these are the things you need to avoid:

  • Avoid sleeping in the northeast or southeast bedroom.
  • Never keep thorny or bonsai plants.
  • Avoid dark colors for walls.
  • Don’t keep mirrors in front of the bed.
  • Don’t keep metal beds.
  • Avoid beds with storage, even if they are wooden. 

Summing Up

Vastu plays a big role in your life and can influence your career, health, relationships, and finances. In the Vastu Shastra for marriage, certain principles help promote harmony and love in your relationship. Living in a Vastu-compliant home increases your chances of leading a happy and successful life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do Vastu marriage tips make a difference?

Ans. Yes, Vastu Shastra helps bring positive energy into a home.

Q2. Which beds should be avoided, according to Vastu?

Ans. Vastu rules for marriage suggest avoiding metal beds because they can cause problems between couples. Choose a solid wood bed instead, and avoid those with storage space.

Q3. Where to Place a Couple's Photo for Positive Vibes in the Bedroom? 

Ans. According to Vastu, for marriage, the best spot for a couple’s photo in the bedroom is on the west wall.

Q4. What are the Vastu tips for getting married soon? 

Ans. If you’re getting married soon, follow these Vastu tips: Sleep in a southwest-facing bedroom and use a wooden bed without any mirrors directly facing it. Decorate the room with pairs of items, like candles or statues, to promote love. Avoid thorny plants and bonsai; choose soft, warm colors like pink and beige for the walls. These simple changes can help attract positive energy, making it easier to find a loving partner.

Q5. In which direction should a couple sleep? 

Ans. A couple should sleep with their heads pointing south or east, according to Vastu Shastra. This positioning is believed to bring restful sleep, good health, and positive energy, helping to maintain a happy and harmonious relationship.



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